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Recent content by onwingsoflead

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    Ending- what the hell?

    I do not play this game anymore, and haven't for a few weeks now, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood blew Fable III out of the water, hands down.
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    World of Warcraft -- Worth playing again?

    So I have a friend who is bugging me to start playing WoW again. I haven't played the game since frozen throne first came out. Anyways I know that the game has gone through a lot of updates with the new expansion coming out next month. I was able to retrieve my old account, and also have a free...
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    Fable 3 patch expected same time as DLC

    I cannot wait for this new DLC/Update to be released. Hopefully it will make Fable III much better.
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    how the hell do you get to driftwood and get boxer dog?

    I'm pretty sure I've done the restoration quests (I gave that guy investment money to restore the bridge) but nothing has unlocked and I've finished the game. This is on both my good character and evil character, both files have had the main storyline completed.
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    DLC issues!

    Have you tried resetting the console? Worked for me.
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    Official Pre-Order Bonus Trade

    Sounds good mate, add me on XBL if you like my GT is SemiproChimp
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    Official Pre-Order Bonus Trade

    What I'm Looking For: DragonStomper .48 What I Have: Unused Villager Maker DLC Code What I'm Willing To Trade: See Above
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    Villager Code - up for grabs!

    Did you still want to make this trade??
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    Microsoft Points

    You can buy MS point cards here in Australia, I don't see why you wouldn't be able too in America.
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    When will the Understone Add-on be released?

    Charge... for a patch.... okay.
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    When will the Understone Add-on be released?

    Well, it's better that they took it off the marketplace and are fixing it up (hopefully) so it shouldn't be too long. Maybe they will release a patch along with the DLC at the same time.
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    Well, lets put it this way: I have a fair few recent games that have come out, such as Dead Rising 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 and Black Ops. I can't put Fable III down. I really do like the game, and I'm hoping that LH release this patch to fix up the game very soon. I...
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    Thag Cave?

    Wow, I didn't know this either, didn't even think about really checking there either.
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    Religion disappears THAT FAST , eh?

    Also, remember that the people of Albion are always under oppression, especially in Bowerstone, because of people like Reaver. Perhaps the people have given up on worship through this time.
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    Why do my kids hate me?

    What about your attractiveness?