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  • You have Gears 1 as a recently played game and a Gears 1 avatar. I know a lot of people who refuse to play Gears 2 because "it'll never beat the first one" and that it "sucks so bad". I was wondering if you were one of those :D
    Your location makes you sound like pedo bear

    If anyone was wandering about my profile pic its a drawing of The Phantom;I'm doing some fan fiction on him, wanna be a concept artist when i'm older
    LoL, I was just joking about the rep xDD Me on CoD WaW on my PC, when I played Nazi Zombies I always cheated & went to one place and I cheated "God" & a cheat to give all weapons. There was this weapon (forgot it's name) that zombies have. You know, those hands xD They were so funny :p
    I play SC too. Well, I played it xD I got Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on mah birthday long ago. I loved it so much (even though I only got to the second mission ;d) It is impossible for me to play e.g 3rd game, without playing the 1st part of the story. So I got the SC 1 & I was doing quite good. (You may know that I'm a cheater from my profile xD). Then suddenly I stopped. Dunno why. Now you tell me my story & give me rep. Or, I kill you.
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