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Recent content by PhilistineEars

  1. PhilistineEars

    After several years its time to say hello, again...

    Hello All, Something had me thinking about Fable today and I remembered the good ol' days of speculation and anticipation. Thought I'd log in and see what's what...
  2. PhilistineEars

    Everything looks so different...

    Ha, I was suddenly had a thought about this forum and decided to stop by after... a year or two. Good times an holy goodness this place looks great! Kudos.
  3. PhilistineEars

    The Lurker Hath Returned. Ha, but really...

    Dark - Fatherdom is... well, expansive. An entire new dimension to life with its surges of greatness and tsunami of new challenges and worries. Ha, but as hope springs eternal, her smiles make everything new each an every time. Thanks Arse. Spouse was a champion during pregnancy and birth...
  4. PhilistineEars

    The Lurker Hath Returned. Ha, but really...

    I suppose my presence here can be equated to a rare celestial event. I do love this site ever since joining back in the good 'ol Fable days. My most recent stretch of dormancy is due to working on my career and very recently, having my first child. Hello Again
  5. PhilistineEars

    Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Announcement

    GTA V Trailer Announcement Woot Woot...
  6. PhilistineEars

    The three closest objects to your left are your weapons in a zombie outbreak

    Couch pillow ps3 controller my wallet (although it is a Costanza wallet...) ...but no, I'm screwed
  7. PhilistineEars

    College Graduates --- How in debt are you?

    Journalism... fight the good fight and keep the world honest man. Given everything, I disagree with college always being worth it. Because the mantra of college = good paying job and better life everyone and their dog goes. It's as predictable as the salmon swimming back to their birthplace to...
  8. PhilistineEars

    College Graduates --- How in debt are you?

    I've been following this phenomenon since I graduated five years ago... I live in the US and student loan debt has overtaken credit card debt in America, which is an alarming prospect. In the US, student loan debt is "non-dischargeable" meaning if you can't pay you cannot claim bankruptcy to...
  9. PhilistineEars

    2012 Presidential Elections

    America's current situation isn't solely from the Bush administration. Administrative policy the preceding 70 years contributed to our current descent into madness. Mr. Obama inherited a mess and it blew up his first full year in office and that isn't on him, BUT the political miscalculations...
  10. PhilistineEars

    Fable III Patch Details Emerge

    Jasper's voice just crapped out for me this evening... so sad...:/
  11. PhilistineEars

    How Many Save Games per XBL Account?

    Thank you much
  12. PhilistineEars

    How Many Save Games per XBL Account?

    Sorry if this was posted in other places, but I couldn't navigate the minefield of spoilers without stepping on them... so can someone answer how many save games do you get per XBL Account? I believe FII you had four or five character saves. How about this one?
  13. PhilistineEars

    Saaaaaad Panda....

    This may help you (Look for Post# 76 by Purple Santa)
  14. PhilistineEars

    Worst Way to die?

    Just after you pop in Fable III and the opening scene kicks on your 360 RRoD's on you... you have an aneurysm, defecate all over yourself and die.
  15. PhilistineEars

    Most Forgettable Day Ever

    Who did you **** off at the public transit authority?