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Recent content by Pink Knight

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    Halo 4 *(Of the trilogy) Confirmed

    I'd hope they atleast make it an option as I cannot play FPS at all but I love the way the Spartans look.
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    good or evil?

    Mostly pure good as a Good/corrupt chick looks fugly* I only uped my corruption to get the Cavalera* and villiagers will run away from an evil hero, though I did off that swine Toby with a head shot from my trusty Turret Rifle and had to kill a villiager in self defence during said mission and...
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    Anyone got an extra red dragon gun and/or Highroller's coat they'd be willing to part with?

    I suck badly at the shooting range and pub games so I'm asking if anyone has got these and are willing to part with them? I'll pay 100000*it's all I have* gold for both or 50000 for either item. PS: this has to be done over the weekend as I lack a gold account thus I'm taking advantage of the...
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    I am Pink Knight and I really am a guy despite what my username may lead you to believe*I just like the color pink and usally pick the sexy female characters hehe*. Nice to be here.