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  • G'day m8 how are you. Yeah sure I remember you ! sorry took a while to get back to you btw, been busy aswell lol. Yeah when I get a chance I will av another read of your story and give you some feedback etc. Hope your well ! sfroggy1
    hi, not much just chillaxing after a hard day of skipping school lol, you? np your a very talented writer.
    ya I did and I thought it was interesting. Can't wait until ya put some awesome action in it!
    So can I presume that you enjoy making stories? Cause personally I highly enjoy making stories, although I haven't made a fan-fiction yet.
    just a few small typos I noticed. dont remember where they were exactly though. I think there was one near the bottom of the second chapter, somthing like "he" instead of "the" or something like that.
    I will when I have time, it's a lot to read. It looks very good though, I'll post again with feedback and stuff :)
    Thanks so much m8 ! :w00t: I sent a friend request over XBOX Live so do u want to trade now? Again, thanks alot ! :D
    U see i'm a collector aswell and can't part with it or any other legendary weapons for that matter :( If you don't have any of the achievements like the Completionist I can give u that?
    Yeah I do ! :w00t: What wud u like to trade them for? Need gold? BTW welcome to the Forums ! :D
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