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Recent content by poopdogy

  1. poopdogy

    I GOT IT, I GOT IT, **** YEAH!

    wait theres armor !!!!.... hmmmm i guess they figured it will help level the playing field again
  2. poopdogy

    fear herbert the frog

    most of my quilting i do is gonna be sold by the school so id have buy the stuff i make :p
  3. poopdogy

    Favourite Fable III character

    i think the rooster was cool for being a reppel
  4. poopdogy

    Final Boss in the game Ruler of Aurora? Dragon? Theresa?

    the boss could either be 2 things my frog herbert ! or jack o' blades!!! hes very sneaky about death maybe third times a charm!
  5. poopdogy

    fear herbert the frog

    just be carful hes a master mind inside the body of a frog
  6. poopdogy

    Fable III Countdown

    11 more days!!!!!!! america, all we have to do now is wait :P
  7. poopdogy

    fear herbert the frog

    it was are first project in my quilting class the eyes actully 3 buttons to each eye and i put beads through a thread to make the lips! :P
  8. poopdogy

    fear herbert the frog

    okin quilting class a few days ago i made a frog his name is herbert AND YOU WILL FEAR HIS COOLNESS! AND THE FEAR WILL BE WITH RESPECT OF THE FROG! FOR HEW WILL STEAL ALL THE SODA OF THE WORLD IF YOU DONT! lol so what do you guys think please dont be rude i just want to show off my frog ok :P
  9. poopdogy

    Just look at this place

    i bet 5 doll hairs that the place will be trashed when we get there! now that is said we are gonna defnitely put striper polls in!
  10. poopdogy

    Meet-up for Xbox LIVE marriage!

    do i really have to go to couples therapy today !!!!
  11. poopdogy

    music and fable 3

    well kitties its almost that time and fable 3 is coming out! now i ask what music will YOU be listening to while playing the game (if your gonna be playing music at all) i wish i could find the original fable theme at the intro of the game before the start screen and if i plan to be evil ill get...
  12. poopdogy

    Mighty Morphing Hero Wings

    you might be right on it being sertain :P
  13. poopdogy

    Just look at this place

    im gonna guess we are gonna fight logan here! then the place will be trashed so you got to fix it!
  14. poopdogy

    What do you wish to come back in Fable3 ?

    music, chicken kicken contests, armor that gives health bones, lady gray (from the original fable) knowthold glade and or island, the guild master telling me my health is low and last the thing i want is the sword you could buy in the rich quarter of bowerstone (fable 1) even though it was...
  15. poopdogy

    Mighty Morphing Hero Wings

    i heard somewhere that the wings in a fight help you kick butt better and tha it helps with sertain expressions