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  • [sigh, shakes head] Philistine. You lack a proper appreciation for french fries. Thrasher's alone makes Ocean City excellent. I like the OC beach and water, too. Out of curiosity, what DO you have against boardwalks?
    I love the beach, I just prefer Ocean City. If we're going on a long vacation, why go all the way to North Carolina for the beach when there's a beach so close to home?
    That's why you go in the summer, in the middle of one of Maryland's 100-degree heat waves. Well, actually, I mixing vacations, the 100-degree heat wave we were in Maine, but Vermont was noice, too.

    Wind+sand=owie. Sorry, but unless I'm trying to fly a big, primitive aircraft I don't really want to go there again.
    Hey! Vermont is cool! Lots of rivers and mountains and trees and all pretty-like, if not as much as pretty as Maryland. Maine is cool, too.

    North Carolina I went to once-- Nag's Head. The Kitty Hawk stuff was cool, the beach was okay (but windy as hell-- we got sandblasted). I didn't think it was THAT nice of a place.
    Yep, lucky you.

    Yes, there are lots of people who "Used to live in PG county," or "My parents lived in PG county," or "My grandparents lived in PG county." In Anne Arundel and some of the other surrounding counties.

    Oh, great, now you don't like Ocean City? Revolting. And if you think MD is cold, I would suggest that you don't vacation anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line. Well, aside from Delaware. Delaware is about the same. Hey, I'm happy that we have winter, and that it's on its way. Winter and summer are both good. Not like Arizona or Florida or someplace. We get cold and we get hot, good balance.
    Oh, no, now I can stalk you! Flee for your life!

    Weel, basically, to find where I live head south. If you're in Montgomery, you're not far enough. If you hit Charles or Calvert, you went too far. If you're in Anne Arundel, get the hell back west.

    Or, of course, I could always say I'm an irrationally proud native of PG county, "A Liveable Community," to quote the dumbest slogan ever conceived.

    And yes, the people who say they dislike MD always say it's boring. I don't agree, but what the hell, maybe I'm boring. Who knows.
    Ooof. That's just cold. A Murrliner who doesn't like Murrlin? Sacrilege! (No, lots of people agree with you. I just disagree with you/them all.)
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