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Recent content by RachelDisco

  1. RachelDisco

    What is the difference between a girl play through and a boy playthrough?

    Well, during the quest "The Game", at the end when you beat the baron, the three men go on a spew about girl-on-girl action.
  2. RachelDisco

    Wish was a quicker way to transfer gold!

    I hate how it only goes up to 100,000 when you transfer it :/
  3. RachelDisco

    Help with the CE DLC

    They are unlocked as you progress through the story.
  4. RachelDisco


    I found "long thick hair" Is that what you're looking for? It's in brightwall at the end. Remember to haggle the price down!
  5. RachelDisco

    Collector Edition Content Review

    I didn't like the auroran clothing. But ah well. The boxer is ok. I was hoping he'd be all brown, he's brown and white. I love the Inquisitor. It's very cool. Hunter's lodge. Nice house. Too much work to get to. :/ It took me 5+ minutes to find it. And I still have issues when trying to look...
  6. RachelDisco

    How Have You Prepared For Fable 3's Release?

    Hmm...I need to prepare some blankets and comfy socks. I'll be all set then.
  7. RachelDisco

    What will you name your dog?

    I'm naming mine Waffles. :)
  8. RachelDisco

    Fable 3... another overhyped game

    By what I read, it seems that they've posted their own opinion of the game. If they even have it. They might just be a troll. Shouldn't matter though. He has a right to his own opinion. The rest of us can enjoy the game when it's released. :) EDIT: Also...nothing was really "spoiled". He...
  9. RachelDisco

    Fable III "Its a Revolution" Facebook Fourth reward.

    Not yet. I can't even click on any of the rewards. :/
  10. RachelDisco

    Free Fable 3 Weapons on Marketplace

    For anyone having issues finding it, here is a link. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Fable-III/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024d5308d6?NoSplash=1
  11. RachelDisco

    The Avatar Items are here!

    Nope :(
  12. RachelDisco

    The Avatar Items are here!

    I don't see this dog D:
  13. RachelDisco

    The Fable Revolution Page... is well now a Revolution

    I saw that earlier. It wouldn't let me click the video :/
  14. RachelDisco

    Buying game new vs used rewards dlc

    Bah, posted at the same time :p
  15. RachelDisco

    Fable 3 Packaged with a Xbox Live Download Code (one time use)