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Recent content by Rachierae

  1. Rachierae

    online merger achievement

    Hi, so i was going for the online achieves earlier on. I got the online marriage and baby achievement, we bought a shop but neither of us got the "online merger" achievement did I miss something? =/
  2. Rachierae

    Questions about fable 3

    1) there are cut scenes like all games. The game play is different to any other, I can't really compare it to anything other then fable 1 and 2 =/ it's very RP, your actions have consequences, if your mean to people they will hate you etc. There is a lot of mini quests and social interactions...
  3. Rachierae

    Brightwall Academey

    It's hard to say. I've tried comparing the world maps between the two games but they are just way to different.
  4. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    :/ Wreckager? Nope this is my first and only account. I wish I could rant with pretty words but thats way beyond my capability's :(
  5. Rachierae

    Missing John Cleese's dulcet tones... (Jasper will no longer speak to me.)

    Hahaha :) This is a well known bug, I have also had this. For me he stopped talking on my second run through the game, it was after I found my first gun. It seems if he has something to say to you he wont talk again until he has said it. Walking into the armory fixed it for me (he told me about...
  6. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    Something really bothers me about that.. You promise to make him head of your army, but you aren't given any opportunity to save him.
  7. Rachierae

    sick of getting chickenbane

    You can have more then one save file on each profile. and yes you would have to trade to a third party, then back again. You can do this on the same console, grab an other controller and bring in your player from your other profile into your game, trade the items, boot them, change characters...
  8. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    Ok you are obviously going to continue to try and get a rise out of me. I gave my input "I liked the game" then I stated "I didn't watch any trailers or teasers" then I suggested "maybe you should all stay away from hype?" Oh very provoking. This statement is telling me I am wrong and I...
  9. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    I WAS contributing before you went out of your way to troll.
  10. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    Just because a few people do not like the game and are complaining about it on forums doesn't make them the majority. The people who are enjoying the game are playing it, not sitting on forums QQing. Either get facts to back up your claim "you're in the minority" or gtfo.
  11. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    LOL excuse me? Umm no. Maybe YOU should realize not everyone agrees with you. My expectation of this game is clearly different to yours, and my expectations were somewhat fulfilled.
  12. Rachierae

    So, What DLC do we want to see. *Probably Spoilers*

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I don't want to kill him :/ Give us the option to marry him :)
  13. Rachierae

    Just me, or does Fable III feel like a 'WIP'?

    I liked it. How ever, I didn't watch trailers or teasers or read anything about it. "oh fable 3 is coming out? cool chuck a pre-order down for me" the end. :) maybe you should all stay away from hype?
  14. Rachierae

    Fable 4 Ideas

    Never played final fantasy (so i don't know if what i'm about to say is what you have already implied), but i imagine they would probably go down the steampunk path (from looking at the train systems and other mechanics in fable 3) that would make swords and magic still viable.