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  • So you want your name to be the modder colour again or you happy with gold? Just want the badge back?
    Nah, it's not really all UK. Just seems that way with Angel and Drakan and Steve, and a few others. Pretty sure there's as many US, as there are them.
    I've actually never been to the Holocaust museum-- most of the Smithsonian, more than once, but I guess it either wasn't open when I was younger or my parents/grandparents didn't think it was appropriate for a bunch of kids ranging from 4 to 15.

    I like the state (obviously). Lotsa cool places. I've never been into NYC, but I have to say that the traffic around here should be bitch enough for anyone. Damn Beltway.
    Hey, Inner Harbor is cool. Lotsa cool ships, and you're fairly unlikely to get shot. The Taney is awesome. Only surviving ship that was at Pearl Harbor, Coast Guard Cutter. The Liberty Ship and the Constellation and the Torsk are all pretty awesome, too.

    I live outside DC, in that most glorious of Livable Communities, PG County. How do you mean stuck there? Did you come on vacation or move here or something? Just don't remember you being from here before, if you have been all along.
    Didn't want to take up that guy's intro thread, so-- really? You aren't from there, are you? What're you doing in Bawlmer?
    Hey you. ^^ Yea, I've been pretty busy with work and all but well none the less.
    How've you been? I see things around the forums are pretty alright.
    I didn't I downloaded Tune-up instead. It might not have exactly what I'm looking for but its a pretty good tool.
    That is wicked m8 ! +rep when did u make that?
    Cud I possibly have the link to put it in my sig? plez :D
    Hi mate! Thanks for the suggestions! I'll defo be checking some of 'em out! Amazon and eBay are my next destinations so I'll be checking out prices for Vampire: The Masquerade after this :D
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