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Recent content by Ranger

  1. Ranger

    Hello Mortals :[]

    Re: Hello Mortals :[] Welcome to the site, have fun posting.
  2. Ranger


    Re: Yo. Welcome to the forums. :)
  3. Ranger

    Guess whos back?

    Re: Guess whos back? Welcome Back.
  4. Ranger

    The Ctrl + V game!

    Re: The Ctrl + V game! http://forums.projectego.net
  5. Ranger

    Military ID Granting "Powers"?

    Re: Military ID Granting "Powers"? I know this is an old thread, but a perfect one for me to answer. I am in the military and therefore carry a Military I.D. It does not give me any kind of special treatment. In fact as a member of the RAAF I am expected to always act professionally...
  6. Ranger


    Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO ANGEL!!! A bit late, but happy birthday!
  7. Ranger

    Ranger Has Returned

    Re: Ranger Has Returned Thankyou ^ - Walker: You seem to have a real issue with some types of aircraft lol
  8. Ranger

    n00b veteran, or something like that.

    Re: n00b veteran, or something like that. Welcome to the site!
  9. Ranger

    XBOX 360!!!! YES!

    Re: XBOX 360!!!! YES! Awesome news for you mate. There are plenty of games out there to enjoy on the 360.
  10. Ranger

    Ranger Has Returned

    Re: Ranger Has Returned I don't mind the F-22. I fear for who ever would be dog fighting against it.
  11. Ranger

    OH CRAP!

    Re: OH CRAP! Welcome back.
  12. Ranger

    Leaving for a while (ANGRY FACE)

    Re: Leaving for a while (ANGRY FACE) Bye mate.
  13. Ranger

    I Bid Goobye.

    Re: I Bid Goobye. Have Fun.
  14. Ranger


    Re: Hey! I just came back to the site recently as well. Welcome back.
  15. Ranger

    Count to 200 +rep

    Re: Count to 200 +rep 1 - Shall I just start.