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Recycled Human
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  • I will tell him. ;) He's sitting right next to me after alll. And considring how long it took him to reply to you, I don't think he'll be too beat up if you take a while with your reply.

    And I always stay out of trouble. :O Or atleast I try. :D
    Glad to see you holding your own in the new and improved Relgion---opps I mean Abortion thread. ;)
    Dude don't side with Grim. Siding with trolls will get you flammed bad.
    :lol: Well. I actually wouldn't know. WH might be able to tell you. He's good at detection like that.
    I've thought about that too before. Kind of like the ol saying "if a tree falls in the woods and no ones around to hear it does it make a sound" You could also be part of MY own delluded subconcious. :lol: Isn't theory great?
    Well I'm hoping a change of subject might quell everyones Irritation and Refresh the topic a bit. If not then I'll just let it die. :lol: I'm real I swear D:
    It has turned into a copy and paste war, and that's what bothers me the most, if it continues. I wanna change the subject, I'm trying to think one up now. :lol: And we do have a big connection with eachother, kind of scary sometimes. Field of interest huh? Maybe you could study us! :p
    Well, I was under the assumption that the thread WAS all about a yearn for answers, whether they be religious, spiritual, or scientific. I'm trying not to say anything I'll regret either. It's hard. :lol: Glad you think I'm doing okay.
    I see you've left your post at the Longing for Faith thread. :lol: It's starting to get a little on my nerves as well.
    No problem, thanks for accepting it. I have seen you a few times around the forums and you seem to be pretty nice so I thought I might as well send you a friend request. :)
    Don't worry about that. As long as you keep this up, no one has the right to be ****ed.

    Hehe, trees, of course, what's there not to like. I'm not a religious person myself so I don't know much, it's good to see someone, who actually knows something about the subject, post.

    I see Angel has been posting, too, but I can't recall her saying much before. Maybe I've just forgotten.
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