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Recent content by Recycled Human

  1. Recycled Human

    ProjectEgo.net's Fable 3 Trivia Competition - In-Game Prizes to be Won!

    Awesome, I've been waiting for this!
  2. Recycled Human

    Lionhead needs to work on their storylines.

    In the beginning of the game Walter teaches you to fight and uses a memory from your past where your character says 'teach me to be a hero'. This gives the first meaning of the phrase which is quite literal, as he instructs you in breaking his sword. But that's not the real meaning of the...
  3. Recycled Human

    Lionhead needs to work on their storylines.

    Rofl. And I quite rarely rofl. OT : so you're saying the fable franchise is based on the theme 'i'm a hero bada$$ and I can be whatever I want to be'? If this were all it was based around then how did the other two fail? You didn't feel connected to rose in f2? Or the dog that stands by your...
  4. Recycled Human

    The guy with the key in Aurora.

    Have you beaten the weight of the world quest and seen the end credits. I'm fairly certain he only appears after that and will have an exclamation point over head. You can also select him in the world map by pressing 'y' and selecting 'a key to a bigger key' or something along those lines.
  5. Recycled Human

    My tats are glowing.

    The best you can do is dye them in aurora. Though black is not an option.
  6. Recycled Human

    Official Pre-Order Bonus Trade

    That's a nice trade channeler for champion hammer. I don't think villager maker codes can be redeemed anymore. Could be wrong but I thought that ended on the 23rd (hope you got rid of it in time!)
  7. Recycled Human

    Fable 3 Arguments /Opinions

    I'm fairly certain Microsoft didn't tell LH to abandon their fantasy 'roots', if they lost those they did so at 2. The fantasy element was apparently very appealing to you and many other fans of this series but equally apparent is how unappealing it must have been to LH in regards to Fable. They...
  8. Recycled Human

    UnderStone Quest-ions

    Anyone know when these become available? I've gone through this with my finished game already but I'm sure people would like to know when they unlock. Shooting range after defeating saker? Wheel of misfortune after first time going through it? Understone after beating the main storyline? Just a...
  9. Recycled Human

    'Pre-Ordering EXCLUSIVE!'<----Not fair!

    The sanctuary shop didn't get the hunters lodge or wolfsbane quest though. Plus the coin is nice!
  10. Recycled Human

    Fable 3 Arguments /Opinions

    What roots did it drift away from and how does the first and third game have nothing in common? I can list lots of similarities, guild seal, demon door, silver key, melee, range, magic, chickens, choices, character morphing, hero, reality sim, balvarines, Theresa, digging, action style combat...
  11. Recycled Human

    Monday Night Weapons Giveaway!

    Totally awesome thank you Faye!
  12. Recycled Human

    Monday Night Weapons Giveaway!

    I think you guys are awesome for doing this. I asked Jericho for help but he's really busy lately and I don't want to impose. I still need this achievement and if your willing to help I'll definitely give you the positive feedback you deserve! GT : recycled human Weapons needed : Jack’s...
  13. Recycled Human

    I Hated Fable 3 for One Reason:

    No doubt, point lookout was way messed up. The part where your walking through the shifting sands and weird stuff is happening reminded me of it! XD
  14. Recycled Human

    Deamon door in millfield

    Ah thank you! Yeah I ended up just eating a lot of veggies. Funny that eating more makes you thin and swinging a sword slowly trims you down...backwards XD
  15. Recycled Human

    message to all about DLC

    I saw some where it was like 400 for understone, 160 for the hair pack and 80 for the five star' dog potion. Not bad.