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Relinquished Reality
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  • Im hunger for food too, but most of the time its a hunger for an intrical dance....The tango....
    hey relinquished i was just hoping that if you do make a sig like i suggested then would u wait until after this current sig battle. you see, i am gonna use that idea i sent to you as my one for this battle. good look if you try this battle
    well i was thinking somthing mafia-y (not just the gamwe i mean the whole organised crime godfather type thing). i don't have any specific thins but i have a little thign that might look good. on the sig you have everything black an white exeptt one thing that is in red (i don't mind if you don't do that its just a passing thought) hey just use your creativity and thanks a lot +rep for you
    hey relinquished, i know you enjoy making sigs and i know how good you are at making them so i got a question for u: i don't suppose you could make me a sigbecause i have had mine for mearly all the time i have been here. reply back if you would consider making one for me +rep if you try (even if its not what i had in mind)
    No :( What happened to the pokemon changing thingy? I stared at it for like 5mins straight.
    Would it be possible if you gave me something to do haha i dont mind i want some practice :) if you want like a userbar put it in my request thread thats stickied or if not just give me something to do :) you dont have to use it i just want practice :)
    Its nice to know someone is taking an intrest in your work thanks mate i appreciate the feedback you have given me and its very handy :)
    i did a gradient mapping, saturation merging layering and black and white :) i like you ac sig now the final version lookss shhwweeeeeet!
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