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Relinquished Reality
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  • "Last edited by Relinquished Reality; 2 Hours Ago at 07:47 PM. Reason: because people throw stuff at you if you double post."

    I lol'd at that.
    Notification: If you want something new in Sean's Fable Trivia send me a PM leaving feedback. :) All users who leave feedback will get rep.
    Nah, not weirded out at all there, mate. I'll admit that I was never involved in any 'bathroom clubs' - I'm not taking the mick by the way, I think what you did was pretty cool - but I did get up to some dodgy things in my time.. oh yeah.

    I had a quick peek at your webby and I must say: Very sexy! I really like the design. Do give me a shout when you've got that gallery up! I'd love to have a look at some pics.
    No worries! I had a game trying to find out about it back when I got my first website. I couldn't even think what the hell to search for! "Err.. little pic thingy what goes next to the URL?"

    Proper noob, me. ^_^

    What's your website by the way? I'd love to have a gander!
    Hi mate!

    Crap. Sorry! I've had quite a few profile messages today and I have no idea how I managed to overlook yours.

    First off: Fellow Chrome user. Have some rep from me. ;)

    Second: It's called a favicon and there's tons of tutorials on the web as to how to make them. You basically just need to make a 16x16 graphic, save it as jpeg, gif or png, and upload it to favicon.co.uk - which in turn will spit out the same image you upload but change it to a .ico extension and it will then be ready to be used as a favicon.
    I watched seasons 1 - 5 in the space of 2 months. After the season finale, I went on to the next season straight away. I feel sorry for the people who had to wait 8 - 9 months.
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