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Recent content by Relinquished Reality

  1. Relinquished Reality

    Mmm, Hobbelicious.

    ah, fifteen. those were some good years. first time i had sex, first time i got raped, first time i lost my virginity, first kiss, first broken tooth, first broken arm, and last time going into the ghetto wearing short shorts. hope u have an eventful 15th year.
  2. Relinquished Reality

    Mmm, Hobbelicious.

    Fappy Birthday!!!! :D
  3. Relinquished Reality

    Skyrim Discussion: Hints, tips, help and service.

    WARNING MINOR SPOILERS BELOW i really have to idea.. you could try to recreate it, but im not sure.. i was wearing full enchanted armour (custom enchanted dragon-scale armour, the Gauldur amulet, and thief guild-master hood) and the ring of hircine when i drank the blood. Im a khajiit level...
  4. Relinquished Reality

    Skyrim Discussion: Hints, tips, help and service.

    GUIZ! I can shift into a werwolf and shift out of being a werewolf whenever i want!! best glitch evar! I turn the difficulty down all the way to novice when i feel like goofing around and i slaughter everyone. its such a great stress reliever. :D also i cant talk to ulfric and continue the...
  5. Relinquished Reality

    A Funny Place To Poo

    i will poo in the little plastic pee cups.
  6. Relinquished Reality

    Last Person To Reply Wins (5)

    its cold. eff nature!
  7. Relinquished Reality

    A Funny Place To Poo

    remove all the toothpaste and then poo in the tube. it is possible. trust me.
  8. Relinquished Reality

    Addicted to Skyrim.

    this game is going to last me for a while, by the time i manage to get half of all the possible things to do in the game done, they will release quality dlc like bethesda always has, and my social life will continue to crumble.
  9. Relinquished Reality

    A Funny Place To Poo

    this thread is about poop.. -facepalm-
  10. Relinquished Reality

    Skyrim 1 MAJOR SPOILER (Juicy,Read at your own risk.)

    Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a fapping, As of some one gently fapping, fapping at my chamber door. `'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, fapping at my chamber...
  11. Relinquished Reality

    Fav. Album of 2011

    all the rage by botdf. feel free to tell me how much they suck, ive heard enough of it already, keep that in mind tho.
  12. Relinquished Reality

    Wish Corruptor

    Granted but you have had your feet and new socks shrunken to microscopic proportions. I wish body hair didnt exist.
  13. Relinquished Reality

    Whats Rocked And Sucked?

    Rocked: I get to see my boyfriend after him being away for a while Sucked: I can go to the midnight release for skyrim so im probably going to destroy the world until it comes out. if you live near me, best be in you locked your doors and hid your children because they will probably get eaten.
  14. Relinquished Reality

    ...but with Batman.

    ugh, smileys ruined this post. ignore it, but with batman.
  15. Relinquished Reality

    Horror Movies

    Troll 2. nuff said.