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Recent content by Robmokron

  1. Robmokron

    Do you use Hero Weapons or Legendary Weapons?

    I mix. Unfortunately my hero hasn't aquited any "good" swords bit I am disappointed that your hero weapons are the weakest weapon. Maybe they will have augment add on so the hero weapons came more on par with the legendaries
  2. Robmokron

    Villager maker/ reaver items up for trade

    First off I will use a middle man and I would love to get the Garth set. Plz let me know
  3. Robmokron

    Asian Fetish?

    Asian Fetish?
  4. Robmokron

    Warning! Please Read!

    Thank you, u should have uses projectego as it middle man
  5. Robmokron

    Changing will lines/tattoos colours...

    I wish the guide said something about the colour change pfft
  6. Robmokron

    Elise is a slag

    Proof she's a whore
  7. Robmokron

    All Weapons Have Morped The Same?

    It's not random, just extremely flawed. This thread explains it the best. It's too bad it doesn't take what you do the most into account. http://projectego.net/forums/threads/the-weapon-morph-theory.25167/#post-440328
  8. Robmokron

    Did hero face morph dumb down?

    In fable II every hero I've seen looks a bit different in the face. Decisions and actions in game determined shapes of your face. Is it similar in fable 3? I haven't beaten the game but my face only got a little squared(brawny)
  9. Robmokron

    All Weapons Have Morped The Same?

    Put it this way, all legendary weapons in the game have traits that the hero weapon can morph. So you can end up with a hero weapon that looks exactly as a legendary. Which if you do, that would be funny and I'd laugh and...it would be quite rare
  10. Robmokron

    Changing will lines/tattoos colours...

    Pimp. Does it affect will lines or just tattoos?
  11. Robmokron

    Hero Weapons

    I'm going to try to make a new character and trade the plain hero weapon to my other character. See how it morons if you can
  12. Robmokron

    Changing will lines/tattoos colours...

    Well a lionhead dude at the official forums had said that you would also be able to customize the colours. Wishbo had link still
  13. Robmokron

    Changing will lines/tattoos colours...

    Never made it in eh?
  14. Robmokron

    Thx for 100000 gold :)

    Thx for 100000 gold :)
  15. Robmokron

    Has anyone noticed if your fable 2 save affects anything other than hero's gender

    Basically what the title said