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Recent content by Rukishou

  1. Rukishou

    Rukishou's Signature Thread

    You are right! I'll make one of those after I get a new graphic card and repair my computer. I'm on my iPhone right now, hence the un-colored text. lol
  2. Rukishou

    My computer broke so I'll probably be away until I can get it repaired... :(

    My computer broke so I'll probably be away until I can get it repaired... :(
  3. Rukishou

    Fable III Top Stats Thread

    Kicked over 300 chickens. Would have kicked more, but I got the Red Ring of Death. I also never got knocked in three days of playing the game (in 70+ hours, in other words). I do have two recorded knock-downs, but those were made by a friend of mine. Needless to say, I kicked him in his...
  4. Rukishou

    Need these Weapons

    I wish I could help you, but my machine just red-ringed for the first (and ultimately last) time ever in two, three years. And I had all weapons and all clothes and all everything! :<
  5. Rukishou

    Rukishou's Signature Thread

    You think I just found the signatures finished without text? No, it involved quite a lot of fixing and whatever. Still, I'm pretty proud of these for having no idea whatsoever to even use Photoshop, which is the software I used. >_> Say that they are bad if you must (and you really think...
  6. Rukishou

    Your Outfits

    I did that too! Changed dog breed to the Setter one; it's the closest we'll get. Maybe next Fable IV will be set in the wild west with horses and stuff. XD
  7. Rukishou

    Anyone experience the "accept" glitch and survive?

    I think I could hold hands after that... but it could also be that the glitch only occurred on my main character who I've already finished all quests and everything with, unlike my evil character whom I used for the Popularity Contest and Henry the VIII achievements. With her (the evil one was a...
  8. Rukishou

    Anyone experience the "accept" glitch and survive?

    I got that after the last patch, but it doesn't hinder gameplay. The only thing that happens is that the Interact button now says Accept. If I click it I get into the normal interaction scene, and if they do in fact have a gift for me to accept, I just accept it like normal.
  9. Rukishou

    New DLC out today!

    That's annoying. I just finished playing yesterday as I had finished the game twice (once good and once evil, one male and once female) and I have all achievements, all weapons, all clothes, all everything really. I also just got Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now you're telling me there's more!? XD...
  10. Rukishou

    Reaver - Discuss

    Logan discussion: Logan is a good guy I think, albeit less good after being forced to make all those decisions for his country. If it wasn't for Theresa (and obviously, the Crawler and the Darkness), Logan would probably be a much more beloved ruler, even if he might not have been the perfect...
  11. Rukishou

    Projectego.net's chat?

    Seconded. Although please don't use Chatango for an official chat... >__>
  12. Rukishou

    Living Sword Morph Requirements

    I didn't know about any "Living Morph". Got any images?
  13. Rukishou

    Never played Fable I!

    I was going to replay it a while ago, but to be honest it actually did feel a little outdated. It might just have been the release of Fable III being just around the corner, but I didn't feel very psyched to play... Don't get me wrong though, Fable (preferably The Lost Chapters) is a great game...
  14. Rukishou

    Rukishou's Signature Thread

    I would never use such a font if it weren't a Fable III reference. Well, I wanted the feel of those posters on the walls of Albion. Granted, this might have ended up a little more like something out of Red Dead Redemption, but at least that was my intention. :P
  15. Rukishou

    Fable IV?!?!

    This will be the last post in this discussion. Sure, I could've made personal messages about that (the truth is, I didn't even think of that XD), but one extra post is nothing compared to an argument that goes on for twenty posts. If anything, it is you who keep replying who are keeping it...