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  • That is true, but it is expensive if and once you spend too much gold.
    I'd rather choose Westcliff to not be a rotten dump, thank you kindly Sir.
    Granted that one knows what will happen to him if specified action is applied.
    I'm afraid you are unaware of the happenings. After all, you are a same case as that of Revan, former Dark Lord of the Sith. You could not recall the events which, eventually, made you a Padawan.
    So, I see you were sneakily talking 'bout me, eh? Tsss... I am not "some random dude". I... I AM... GAKOYU OJIMA! Bow to your G-- err, never mind.
    Well then I wish I had your outlook on life. I'm a bit more pessimistic when it comes to my future.
    Even more sorry then. I've never met anyone that just dislikes art. I still wish you luck though, my good sir.
    Oh. Very sorry. I don't actually want to be a musician, like I guess you want to. My pops would likely be a bit more lenient than yours, but no parent wants their kid to aspire to be any kind of artist, as its obviously very unlikely that they'll be successful.

    If you actually do want to be a music-man, then know that you have POOP's blessing, whatever that's worth.
    Amen. Awesomely enough, I've got the same birthday as him. Also, my father has a Rickenbacker 325 (most badass invention ever) which I am allowed to borrow (which I think is stupid, if I had one I wouldn't let my stupid kid near it). He's also got John's J 160E, but that's not quite as awesome.

    Also, just a little question: You know he's dead, right? I know it's common knowledge or whatever but you were talking about him like he was alive. I guess he is in spirit.
    Fo sho. The only person who I have ever really thought was cool. Aside from myself, of course.
    Lol, to your pot head question. If you really want. While Pot is illegal in someplaces I was pretty sure it was okay to talk about it on the forum considering some places it WAS legal. so don't feel bad :p
    Doing it everyday will fry your brain. I'd seriously recommend lowering your weed intake. I did it every 2 or 3 weeks to stop myself from being a cabbage. I would suggest you do the same.
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