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    Hey man, I was wondering if you still had dragonstompers if so I'll send you a friend request my gt is my name.
    hi my gamertag is G0WpW3Nr and i was wondering if i may get help with the dollcatcher achievement? it would be wonderful
    hi man if your are able to help me with the doll achievements on fable 2? if so can you add me please
    my gamertag is KillerKyleMcorf
    Hi, I saw that you posted that you were willing to gift Dragonstompers? I would really like one if that is possible at all. My GT is ZarakiTaicho88.
    Hey man, did you say you have some DS's to trade?
    Dragonstompers you mean? If so, then yeah, and I don't need anything in return, just send me a friend request (GT: Th3 ArChD3MoN) and tell me that its you so i dont remove it.
    Thanks a lot man, I'll do it as soon as I get connection back.
    But you may use another weapon until the end of the game rather then the channeler, to get the +15 damage on it you need 100 kills with an unweaved blades spell, you only get blades from the second last gate on the road to rule which is lame :( but you still get guild seals faster and have a chance to do shock damage and improve your shock damage
    Bah kept bugging out when I tried to quote your post about the channeler, I used my inquisitor and channeler a bit more, +1 gold per hit for the inquisitor is kinda...LAME I thought it was more but it was the money from my properties I was getting, and the life draining is insignificant if I let people hack into me then hit back 50 thousand times with the inquisitor I'm still low health, so good choice
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