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  • When I was visiting a US Army base in Germany, there was a soldier there who was heading out to Iraq in a few weeks. When my mother asked his age, he said he was 16... She burst into tears.

    "He's the same age as you. No guidance, no comfort. He's just a child."

    It slightly sickens me to see people my age being killed in wars.
    Plus you have a higher budget.

    Only thing that actually makes me sad is your numbers. Just shows that the training is bad and they pick up young men for bait. The more you have, the more will die.

    I'd rather fully train 100,000 than 50% train 3,000,000. (Not exact numbers..)

    Just gotta watch out for China ;)
    Oh, don't worry. I don't think our army is superior. I think we have around 80,000 on the frontline so we'd get raped by anything.. Just we're more skilled than a number of armies out there.

    I just think the Americans don't get enough training before they head of to wherever... May it be Afghanistan or Iraq or whatever. My sister was in the army back in 2002 and her training was stupid... As in carrying 450kg, doing 350 push-ups then doing a 36k run... In one day.
    I wonder if he's going to die. I watched the video on GearsofWar.com and they said that they weren't going to reveal the winning option. :(
    lol yeah i know. now his show just consists of him raiding battlecam.com.
    not that it matters, all the people who've hacked him are constantly crashing the website to further **** him over. ****'s so cash.
    Lee Harvey Oswalt wasn't killed by a CIA agent. You're confusing conspiracy theories. This one is that he was killed by the mob, not the CIA.
    I know nothing of American history of any kind. All I know is that there was this dude, John F. Kennedy, and he got shot.
    That's pretty much it. I believe in or have open mindedness about a lot of conspiracies. To long to list. xD
    Viruses don't work like that. They need cells to replicate, so if the cells are dead, then they can't survive.
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