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Recent content by Sean

  1. Sean

    Goodbye Folks

    It's that unfortunate time again. I happened to roll by this site and thought of all the old, good times on here. You all are a good, solid lot and I'm going to miss you all terribly! I've been working a lot recently, a one-year long relationship ended, been hanging out with a new girl...
  2. Sean

    You Twitter Folk

    Which of you have twitter and actually use it? If so, post your username so I can follow you. Nothing creepy intended, I just use it more than I actually come on my computer and don't tread this site much anymore.
  3. Sean

    Hello Friends

    Well. Good to see you're all cheery! You mad drunks!! I've been fairly decent, sent my papers in for approval for the Air Force, have a temp job that pays well, steady and healthy relationship. In other words, far better than what I have been in awhile! I had some bumps and "bruises" here and...
  4. Sean

    Hello Friends

    I haven't been on here hardly at all, how have you all been?
  5. Sean

    Innocence of Muslims

    I'm down with a total all out religious war, let's ****ing waste 'em, Sarge, let's do the whole village. I'm kidding. No but in all seriousness, I think most of them should be deported back to wherever they came from. Multiculturalism is obviously ****ing up Europe as it is. I don't really...
  6. Sean

    I pray for you, America.

    Mittens Rommel and all-powerful mormonism war machine or Brock Obummer and the never-ending welfare machine? SO MANY CHOICES, CAN'T DECIDE.
  7. Sean


    Gays/Lesbians should be able to get married. Chick-Fil-A can spend it's own money in support of their own beliefs, Chick-Fil-A even kept their opinions and beliefs to themselves, this information was leaked, now they're just fighting a war someone else started. Oh well. America. Land of special...
  8. Sean

    Occupy Projectego.net

    All hail ILLUMINATI. Some one please use the crowd control water hose to shower these hippies off.
  9. Sean

    Why You Should Throw Out Your Xbox 360 and Love The PlayStation 3

    I actually despise PS3/PS2 controllers very much. I have an Xbox 360 now, but I had a PS2 in the past and can honestly say the Xbox 360 controller seems to fit perfectly into one's hand. The PS3 is a little too skimpy and the joysticks seem to sensitive for my touch. I prefer Xbox 360 over-all...
  10. Sean

    Dear Friends

    Hello everyone, I came back to reply to everyone. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words, Scott I probably read your post three times through, I can honestly say it helped me, mentally. I've been doing a lot better than I was, gotten back into sleeping/eating and being around...
  11. Sean

    Dear Friends

    Have you ever been in a relationship with someone for almost six years? Has that person also been your best friend since you were both children? Have you been madly in love with this person since you met them, and they madly in love with you? And you forgive each other for all the mishaps and...
  12. Sean

    So. The Martin shooting.

    Because black people getting killed by whites generally create more momentum in the media of America. Next thing you know, NAACP is getting involved, here come Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Yah yah yah. Nothing new. Zimmerman was wrong to think he was some kind of vigilante and go after Martin...
  13. Sean

    Not Lookin' Good, Bro

    Definitely not going to catch heat from me. I'm rather tired from them myself, they're especially provoking a war with Iran. And I hope that if they intiate one, that we will not go to their aid. I don't think we should waste our time helping someone who provokes wars and attacks like that...
  14. Sean


    Mm. Okay. I can understand that. I guess I just tend to think the government officials and higher ups don't really care what the general population thinks. I never said kill him. You could arrest him. You could sell him to mercenaries, it doesn't matter to me. I rarely have a passive...
  15. Sean

    Not Lookin' Good, Bro

    Not too sure how many of you have seen this lately. But around... 1-3 weeks back, there was the whole big issue of Qorans (sp?) being burned by the US Military in Afghanistan. That, of course, sparked mass outcry from the civilian populus and since that event, 6 US soldiers have been killed by...