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Recent content by Shadowtree

  1. Shadowtree

    Eye Tattoos

    Thats just.... ew. Well, it'll certainly be extra easy to identify them if they ever get out of jail... And im sure they will suffer health problems because of it anyway.
  2. Shadowtree

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    Not entirely, no. But you see all wars are caused by a collective number of reasons not just one big one. The big reasons given in history classes should always be taken in as "the straw that broke the camel's back". The crusades are a tricky one to answer because everything was so intricately...
  3. Shadowtree

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    You can smell me!? :blink:
  4. Shadowtree

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    Oh.:/ Well we agree there. lol :) And thats the main point that im trying to make. However we disagree on this point, I say people will find any excuse to do whatever they want to do. Whether it be religion (group mentality) or asserting their right as an individual to the point where they...
  5. Shadowtree

    How do you wake up in the morning?

    Well. I just..um wake up. Usually at the same time every day . It used to be at 4:30 am, if you can believe it (crazy I know). But now it's at exactly 6:15. I think my body has a natural alarm clock or something (maybe its a superpower??? O.o). However today I overslept two mintues because I...
  6. Shadowtree

    I started a blog for school

    *Le gaspe* A puppy!? :O I am jealous! :'(
  7. Shadowtree

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    This: I agree. The problem is not with religion but with humanity in general. People do silly, stupid, dicky stuff. For. no. reason. Why would you find that hard to believe? Hitler wasn't stupid. Christianity was definately a threat to him, and he acknowlegded that. There are numerous...
  8. Shadowtree

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    Hehe, Their own would have to be the operative word in that statement. I fail to see how being an organization immediately affiliates them all with a religious group unless the purpose of the group is derived from that religion. Like I said Hitler would have rather destroyed Christianity. The...
  9. Shadowtree

    Darth Nihilus vs Darth Sidious

    I was not impressed by Nihilus. But then I was not impressed by KOTOR 2. In general I did somewhat enjoy it,but it was still disappointing with the mountains of content which should not have been cut. Therefore I cast a vote for Sidious. In the words of Plinkett in his review of episode 3- "...
  10. Shadowtree

    Banned Mormon Cartoon

    I’m pretty sure that a lot of Nazis could care less about Gods will... some might of, but I seriously doubt it considering Hitler was not what I would call a big fan of Christianity (dictators like to twist what they can to support themselves, but let’s face it, the bible is pretty clear about...
  11. Shadowtree

    I'm officially a college student now.

    Lol Niiiiiiiiiice, but if why rush to grab a major, dont you have two years to decide? I myself am taking a gap year before heading out, nice to finally be done with high school though.
  12. Shadowtree

    UK turned into riot warzone

    Wow that actually makes sense because after reading that article I was thinking "but WHY are they rioting and causing massive violence?" Hopefully all our UK members live in safe parts of their towns. Rioting is one thing; using it as a crime cover is another. If their breaking into stores and...
  13. Shadowtree

    Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Hey guys! ^_^ Its really good to see that this place hasn't changed friendlyness-wise! :thumbsup: haha
  14. Shadowtree

    Well well well.... well. If it isnt Mr. Guild Wars 2 will beat WoW guy. Long time no see. My...

    Well well well.... well. If it isnt Mr. Guild Wars 2 will beat WoW guy. Long time no see. My fault I suppose. How have you been, blasphemer?
  15. Shadowtree

    What the F*** is wrong with my classmates?

    Cool story bro. To be honest this sounds just like sterotypical highschool BS. Don't worry about it, it'll all be over before you know it.