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  • Missing, you say? Very odd... No probs, though. The system is automated and occasionally a hiccup does occur; I'll go ahead and re-add that Contributor badge back for you now. =]
    Hey man! Sorry about the late response! Thanks very much for becoming a Gold Supporter! I can hook you up with a sexy personal email address if you're interested. =] Just send me a PM with your desired [email protected] and password and I'll set everything up immediately.
    Good comeback. :lol: I'm glad I like 3,000 miles away but they're a lot of racist pricks here in Wales, "the country no one knows".

    I'm English though. I like tea.
    I like Canada. Beautiful country. I was there a few times when I was younger. It was be horrible being neighbours with... *Shivers* America.
    Hey dude, erm: Can you give me just one rep? It is at an uneven number and it is irking me. Lol.
    I wish that they had kept the Fable series in the era of Fable I, it was alot more fun that way. Guns and Industry are things I want to AVOID, and if Molypoo wants to make a game in the Eras of Fable II and III then MAKE A NEW SERIES. If I want guns and industry and pollution and stupid people i'll play CoD 4 damnit.

    ....Or go to Wal-mart.
    WotLK is actually pretty good, the only thing I don't like is the Copy/pasted textures and meshes of most of the armor. After you hit level 80 though and start getting better gear, it becomes more unique.
    Cataclysm deals with the re-emergence of the Black Dragonflight, the evil Dragons (The Blue Dragonflight could be percieved as evil, but really they just think we're irresponsible with magic.... Which we are.) and the one Dragonflight that is really evil down at it's core.
    The expansion you're talking about is Cataclysm, and from what i've heard and seen it's pretty good. I like that it's not that Caverns of Time alternate realm bollocks, if a lvl 1 character is made by a guy without Cataclysm, things are still messed up. I kinda like it. Azeroth is the one place that's been ignored imo.
    I started playing WoW again, on the Azuremyst server...But...

    I feel so dirty...I'm playing alliance!!
    AUGH GOD I can't help it!I just love the Draenei!
    *Goes off to take a boiling hot shower*
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