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  • You'll have so much fun on the PC version...You can make it rain fireballs, make black holes.All done with the wonderfull power of modding.
    The story isn't terrible, but not revolutionary.I like how you know, they know, even your enemies know, that without you everyone is screwed.
    Ah no problem.I just finished up mopping the rest of Oblivions achievements (I hate the Mages Guild)
    ahh, I tried downloading 3ds max, but some corruption thing kept popping up. And since u have to pay for it...

    i use blender, i was hoping u used blender cause i have no idea how to set up the Xporter thing for it for .x files.
    I think i got it to work, load the .fmp, then find it in textures.big and load the .dds file found in the forum link i gave you, then re-size the sword to 1.0 on the (float)Scale. The original size is 0.85 but with that size the sword is still messed up at angles.

    You can try it yourself to see if its good. But if you can make it better then by all means make it so. Do you kno how to switch the weapon around? I noticed the sword is held on the wrong side

    o, i think u also have to find it under "OBJECT" and go under graphic and change the mesh from the iron sword to the frostmourne mesh
    hey, perhaps you can help me, you seem like a very good modder. I'm trying to get the Frostmourne into my game right now, It has the wrong meshes for LOD 1, 2, and 3. But LOD 0 is fine, can u help me by telling me how to swap meshes (and perhaps fix the sword)? that would be awesome if you could. Post it in my new topic and I'll +rep the **** out of you :)))
    Here's an avatar which should actually fit and look somewhat legitimate.


    Try it out.^_^
    Glad to hear you got a reprieve. At least until they get home. Hopefully your dad will enjoy himself so much he won't care about it anymore.
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