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Recent content by squarishplanet

  1. squarishplanet


    All right i agree with alot of you, putting fable on the kinect sucks. PM made a mistake, lionhead has been riding on the there's no more heros left thing for 3 games now, kinect isn't hardcore, blah blah blah. But just stop hating on lionhead! if you hate the game, then fine pay no attention to...
  2. squarishplanet

    missing turner diary

    when i got to the last diary to find the second one was missing i know i had got form the kitchen earlier and i checked and rechecked just tomake sure it stillcwasnt there anyone know how to fix it?
  3. squarishplanet


    actully the update fixed something very small on my game at mourningwood the first time your there when i was walking to the mortar there is a small wooden ramp when i followed ben finn he would walk beside this ramp the all of the sudden float up to the platform above where the ramp led to now...
  4. squarishplanet

    chicken suit

    i know there is a return of the chicken suit in fable 3 but where do you get it does anyone know how?
  5. squarishplanet

    barley any people

    so i just beat fable 3 i havnt had much time to play it but ive been trying to buy stuff from shops and almost ALL of them are vacant. im sure this is because of choices ive made preparing the kingdom for the crawler but my question is will the peoplecome back?
  6. squarishplanet

    fable 3 wings

    i dont know if there is another thread like this but i dont know how to get the wings i havnt really come across anything that tells me this
  7. squarishplanet

    corrupted data

    so i got fable 3 one point in the game i wanted to play fable 2 a bit and then when i loaded it up my favorite file was corrupted. it was corrupted before and i loaded it a month later and it was fine if anyone can help me please do
  8. squarishplanet

    the duelist achievement

    the duelist achievement so i ccant seem to get this achievement because ya know theres probably something wrong with me in the head i know you have to keep the blue streaks goin with your wepon and the hammerthyst is the easiest wepon to use but i cant do it so i f anybody could help me that...
  9. squarishplanet

    full gamerscore

    Re: full gamerscore ya same here oblivion is kinda easy to get them all on
  10. squarishplanet

    The Colourist achievement HELP!

    Re: The Colourist achievement HELP! ya the colourist is very hard because of the last dye which you have to get 3 special teddy bears then EXACTLY 1985 score in the colleseum
  11. squarishplanet

    help with the completionist

    Re: help with the completionist oh im dumb when it said pet tricks and abilities i thought it meant abilities for my dog not for me haha theres somthin wrong with me in the head i just need level 5 choas to get the achievement thanks for the help
  12. squarishplanet

    help with the completionist

    Re: help with the completionist i already had that but then i got the laugh expression and it didnt workk yes i do alll pet tricks and abilities and all the expressions
  13. squarishplanet

    will trade for hammer and or reaver doll

    will trade for hammer and or reaver doll ok i need a hammer and reaver doll and i have a extra garth 2 extra generic and alot of lucien dolls to trade i dont have many legendary wepons and im a little short on cash so please trade me
  14. squarishplanet

    help with the completionist

    help with the completionist so i just got the feign attack book (for 10 mil a bit overpriced i say) and i didnt get the completionist achievement even though i had my dog 5 stars on treasure hunting and fighting and all his tricks and every expression exccept laugh. i thought laugh didnt count...
  15. squarishplanet

    Selling Chicken Suits, Highroller coat.

    Re: Selling Chicken Suits, Highroller coat. buy a chicken suit for 10 mil