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  • Thanks! You can jack it if you want. You're the site owner, after all. :lol:
    Feel free -- no need to ask ^__^
    Afterall it'd be a bit cheeky if I deisgned a banner to the spec you needed and said "....well this is what you could use, but i'm not going to let you" lol

    Besides, I'm sure you'll come up with something awesome! Afterall the one your looking to replace is a great one :)
    Ahhh nostaligic moment eh?
    If you have a DS Star Wars EP III (old game) had a very solid Streets of Rage Style of play, which is why I enjoyed it ^__^

    You can probably pick it up for handful of pennies in a bargin bin now :D

    If you like I can always try and throw a few banner ideas together for DMC.ORG, I have free time atm (lunch hour is looming) and I have plenty of pre-rendered images to fool about with :)
    Lol no problem, my pleasure ^__^
    After all I need all the P/Shop practice I can get; and sig making is a great excuse :D

    How are you btw?
    I haven't seen you lurking in a while, busy I assume? ^_^
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