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Recent content by Steve

  1. Steve

    Let’s reminisce.

    Cool idea for a thread @Ludna ! Some great responses so far and opportunities to reminisce. A few memories that spring to mind: When we were still using vBulletin, a thread was completely derailed and became a sort of 'Reputation roulette' (Reputation being the post feedback system we...
  2. Steve


    Not heard of this one before! Will have a look at the trailer this evening. A post-apocalyptic kung-fu RPG sounds quite different!
  3. Steve

    Avatar issues?

    Okay... I think I've managed to track down the fix now. I am confident that it was a CDN issue but not with Cloudflare... perhaps BunnyCDN... hmm. Will have to investigate further, but so far so good.
  4. Steve

    Avatar issues?

    Hello! Thank you for letting me know about this! I'm certain it's to do with a Cdn service we use called Cloudflare... I thought that it had fixed itself, but will investigate after the scary plumber has gone away.
  5. Steve

    Returning after more than a decade

    Welcome back, Solus! It is indeed a bit made that we're still around! DD and I were spring chickens when we started this place and now we're staring down the business down the barrel of middle-age! Gah! I had a quick root around the admin area... very surprised to see your old account didn't...
  6. Steve

    Vote and Help Decide the Future of this Community

    My B! Had a busy last few weeks. Really enjoyed collecting all thoughts and feedback. In total agreement that at the very least, significant updates need to be made.
  7. Steve

    Fable Wishlist Series - REAVER'S RETURN & COMBAT FINISHERS!

    Welcome! Will try and check the video this evening. (y)
  8. Steve

    Vote and Help Decide the Future of this Community

    Brilliant feedback so far, gang! There's a lot to chew on here. Exciting stuff! I'll try and respond in full when possible, but do please keep those thoughts coming in!
  9. Steve

    Vote and Help Decide the Future of this Community

    Hi all, ProjectEgo.net launched in March 2004 and was later rebranded as FableHero(.com) in February 2014. All in all, we've been around for almost precisely 17 years now and both founders — Andy and I — have left our teens, married (other people) and become dads (separately) to six kids...
  10. Steve

    Minor Website Updates

    Hi gang, Just a quick thread to announce that there have been some minor updates to the website, and that if you should encounter any new (or old!) bugs then it would be fandabidozi to have them reported. Here's a list of the updates: Update: Forum software (XenForo) updated Update: Forum...
  11. Steve

    I want me gold!

    I think that @Angel is quite right about that. There was a discussion about this last year which revealed as much.
  12. Steve

    The guild treasure

    Reinstalling my copy on Steam right now. I recall Games For Windows being an issue a few years back, but a user shared a patch to work around it, so I'll have to try and unearth that again.
  13. Steve


    Just bought a copy! Looking forward to getting some games in, DD!
  14. Steve

    Mendicating gold and a Dragonstomper

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you're able to get your hands on a Dragonstomper again.
  15. Steve

    Restored unused Quest Cards

    Blooming heck this sounds brilliant! Aeon the legend!