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Recent content by Terra_Zeta

  1. Terra_Zeta

    Fable 3 PC Version Released Date

    Well PC = Mods, yes? Perhaps the community will release better content then the developers, from what I've seen so far, i believe thats all we can hope for.
  2. Terra_Zeta

    Possible future DLC

    No I wouldn't buy a DLC with aurora as the main focus, because frankly the main game is such a piece of **** i wouldn't want to have to wait for a certain point that i could actually experience the DLC content. I traded it in recently and i don't think i will be re-buying it again unless they...
  3. Terra_Zeta


    I've completed like twice and even my second playthrough i just felt like it was boring. I feel like i wasted my money completely, i'm probably just gonna trade it in. :(
  4. Terra_Zeta

    UnderStone Quest-ions

    You can finish the whole understone questline in like less then 30 minutes. What a complete waste of microsoft points :(
  5. Terra_Zeta

    Albion is too small

    Fable 3 memorable? I lol'd. Nothing about the areas in fable 3 stand out to me, if they had kept some of the old areas maybe... I'm personally one for big maps, thats probably why i liked Oblivion, Morrowind and fallout 3 so much because i'm an explorer, Fable 3 disappointing in terms of maps...
  6. Terra_Zeta

    The World

    i hope they add new explorable places...I mean Aurora was talked about like it was a huge deal, but theres 3 explorable areas, Aurora was the biggest let down, its talked about like it plays some huge part in the game, but you go there, fight through some dungeon and then they're like "ok heres...
  7. Terra_Zeta

    Heroic schizophrenia

    I totally agree, it feels super awkward to play an Evil character, especially if you like to go and slaughter towns. I might try another evil playthrough with some of the suggestions given. No rampages, maybe the occasional murder though lol...
  8. Terra_Zeta

    For the Grey Wardens!

    For the Grey Wardens!
  9. Terra_Zeta

    Casting on Gnomes

    I shall try this. :)
  10. Terra_Zeta

    OFFICIAL GUILD WARS 2 THREAD (if anyone cares)

    I didn't just quit WoW for that reason...WoW is utterly boring and the new expansion doesn't look all that great to be honest. Grats on that reward meter. Mines only at 10 points.
  11. Terra_Zeta

    Industrial knight outfit

    http://www.uesp.net/wiki/File:MW-quest-Dark_Brotherhood_Attacks.jpg The helm's are very similar. (at least from the screenshot)
  12. Terra_Zeta

    Industrial knight outfit

    I just though about what this reminds me off, the helmet looks like the helm of the Dark Brotherhood armor in Morrowind, well if you play un-modded. :D
  13. Terra_Zeta

    Your Outfits

    It's just for fun, It's not like i went out of my way to do it. It's more or less a joke outfit, my real outfit i wear is just warriors armor dyed red. or the Mercenary outfit with the men's dweller's hat. I suppose i'm not very creative : /
  14. Terra_Zeta

    Your Outfits

    Men's PJ hat -dyed green Men's PJ shirt -dyed green Highwayman gloves - dark brown Men's Highlander skirt - dyed Green Highwayman boots - dark brown Now i just need Epona D:
  15. Terra_Zeta

    Eat a Rasengan bitch!

    Eat a Rasengan bitch!