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  • Then I found a toy with the words "Gun" and "Man" on it, so I burned the house down.

    Oh no don't ruin my fun please I mean this is the only little bit of fun I get in the day I mean...

    And this one time, at band camp, I told someone your contact details. Expect to see someone at your door in a few hours!

    OH OH OH! I NEVER TOLD YOU THE BEST PART! Then I get a green balloon (Because they're cheaper), tie it to my bed, and SMOTHER IT WITH MY PILLOW UNTIL IT POPS!!!

    Indeed, cannibalism is the bomb! Then I bomb your house in my dreams!

    And then I enjoy telling you about the psychotic actions I take against your very existance via visitor messages!

    OH, and then I like to write your name on a piece of paper, then I put a knife through it, then I put another knife through it, and another, and another, and another, then I put a fork through it for a bit of variety, and then another knife, and then another, and then I repeat.

    I like to carve little Gunman23 wafers from larger wafers and put them over a dot of red sauce, and then I punch them and the red sauce spurts out of the sides to represent blood, and then I eat your crushed and blood soaked remains.

    XD lol my computer can handle it but it wont make a connection to the US server xD

    i get this errorcode errorcode=PI,30022
    There isn't a rule against murder...Hmm......

    I'll have my grapefruit spoon ready for when I hack your computer and get your contact details, and sail all the way there on a flaming dragonship :)
    when there wasnt a EU version yet i tried the US version and it didnt work so i dont think it will work
    Did i reply to you saying whats up like weeks ago?
    Meh i dont know, sorry fi i didnt xD.

    Hi >.> lol.. *cough*
    Hey man, do you want an in-depth detail on how I plan to kill you with an axe and a grapefruit spoon?

    You have to love undying hate.
    I dont think so i think you play US version and i play EU version because when i added you it said you dont exist
    This message is too short to take a long time to read. I really should lengthen it, but I'm too lazy and have nothing worthwhile to say. IF you're still reading this, great job, it just wasted thirteen seconds of your life.
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