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  • You're remarkable, your will is so strong...I can't even begin to fathom how anyone could experience such loss, such pain and still be here.This is the part where I say something clever and positive...But what can I say?
    Thank You Everyone for your Happy Birthday Wishes :)
    I had a Nice Day; though Odd starting the day with an ECG (Heart Scan); but I got Resident Evil 5 and a Years Subscription to XBOX Live as presents; so I was Very Fortunate :)
    Duddde Im so sorry

    You made me go into a depression spin down when i read your intoduction
    Hi. Thanks for your official introduction. What you've been though is worse than what I saw happen to Sparrow's sister!
    Hello Valerie :)
    I dropped the Spousal Gold to '0'; but then my Child started saying 'I think Dad is Unhappy'; and I felt so Guilty that I raised the Gold to 1000 again; even though my Husband is still Missing :(
    I think the next thing I could do would be to Marry in Oakfield again and see what happens ?
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