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Recent content by tjbyrum1

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    Fable for the Xbox 360

    Yeah, that sucks.
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    Fable for the Xbox 360

    Fable 3 was a let down; Fable 2 was decent; but in my eyes, Fable 1 was a masterpiece. Recently getting payed, I decided to download my favorite old RPG, Fable 1, onto my Xbox 360. What did I find, to my disguist? Fable 1. What did I expect to find? Fable The Lost Chapters. It is...
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    Come to Think of It...

    lol, I love sigs.
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    Come to Think of It...

    Fable II wasn't that bad of a game. I mean it had problems with storyline, characters, and maturity, but it had excellent replay value. I played the game nearly nonstop when I had it.
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    Question on Stats, Age, Trading, and Temples

    I got some questions (and yes, I still love to play Fable I). 1) When leveling up, do all Strength levels make you muscular? Or is it just Physique? Basically, if I JUST upgraded Health and Toughness - what would happen? Would I get muscular? 2) Same thing, but with Skill. Do all Skill levels...
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    Fable Could Have Been So Much Better...

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while, and I doubt much of you will read this, but for those who will - thank you. Perhaps skip the first three paragraphs to get into the meat of it. I heard about Fable II through a friend in 9th grade, but since I did not have a 360 at the time, I...
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    Legendary weapons

    Sword of Aeons before TLC or Skorm's Bow. Sword of Aeons is the most powerful weapon the original, and is stronger than the ones in Fable II in terms of how strong it is versus enemies. Skorm's Bow can be charged up indefinitely, not to mention it has a ranged advantage.
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    No Leveling/Aging Walkthrough

    More of a reference for me, since this game is old, but I like playing old games sometimes. The goal of this guide to show you how to beat the game WITHOUT leveling up, which means you won't get all old. I will show you how to get Skorm's Bow BEFORE the Wasp Queen, and where Elixir's of Life...
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    What Does Fable Do Right, and Wrong for You?

    What things do you like about Fable, and what do you hate? This is Fable as a franchise. Let's not flame, or cause arguments, please. The Good --Customizable Characters --Open-World Gameplay --Depth (Economy, Mini-Games, Houses, Shops, Marriage, Kids, etc) --Customizable Weapons (in terms of...
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    Leveling System

    Look, I didn't want to say this, but I reckon I have to. I like games simulating manly stuff. Wow, that sounds so stupid and corny, but that's the best way I can put it. Masculinity you know? Guns? Blowing **** up? Women? That kind of stuff. Not swords, magic, and dragons. But I want to...
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    Leveling System

    It don't sound to bad Shadowfiend! Let's make a game business shall we? Joking. Yes, I'd prefer Nice and normal settings. I'd prefer guns. I'd prefer limited ammo. I'd prefer bandits, wolves, and other things as well. And no, it would not be British Call of Duty: The Red Coats. Think of...
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    Leveling System

    I know I don't! When do I ever! Haha, I see what you're saying. I reckon all I can say is 'It's fun'. I like the idea, and the gameplay (kind of) but I just wish Fable was different you know? But not all games can be perfect. Wow... if I made Fable games...
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    Leveling System

    I like what you said first Shadowfiend, it sounded about right. I don't see what you mean. I asked if people would like a Limited Leveling System over the current one. I never said 'Magic is for Faggots' or 'Gunslingers are the best to use in any game' of 'Bullets are better...
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    Leveling System

    Well I mean, I did too. I beat Fable I using a Warrior, and then again using an Archer. And no, the proportion of the Archer was NOT good. I beat Fable II using a Pure Warrior, and then again as a Pure Gunslinger. A bit better, I much preferred the Gunslinger - cause I LOVE Guns. Fable...
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    Leveling System

    Well, Fable doesn't really have a leveling system. The first and second really just had pools of experience that you could use to 'buy' new skills and abilities. Fable III just had Guild Seals that you spent to open chests to get better weapons (not really leveling). Anyway, I was wondering...