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TRA Rotid
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  • I've heard of it, yeah. Just never saw it. Looking at the image, yeah, I realized it was a Ah-nold flick, just wasn't sure what it had to do with anything.

    Hmmm... maybe it was about how incredibly studly and well-armed we all are? (Hey, it's fun to play "arrogant American." It's even better than "ignorant American.")
    Nope. Are you older than me? I just looked and it came out in 1985-- five years before I was born. Hell, I don't watch that many movies that DO come out in my lifetime.

    I did see Predator, though, so I guess me being alive for its production doesn't matter. Depends on whether it comes on TV when someone is channel-surfing who'll actually stop on it. And I'm not off reading.
    So, basically the same as us, yeah. Though I suspect our "we have snow" is less snow that your "we have snow."
    Don't feel bad. I have a tendency to type like I choked on the world's most pretentious thesaurus.

    I mean that the way you said it sounded kinda like, usually we get a lot of snow but sometimes we don't and we haven't recently so it's not really usual but we do sometimes so we're used to what we just got even though we haven't gotten it recently it's normal.

    Meant to say that you included all possibilities and covered everything in one fairly convoluted sentence.

    (Was I coherent there? I doubt it.)
    Yeah, I know that feeling. Done that way more than I'd like.

    Yeah, we've had a bit of a downturn the last few years, too. But hey, we just got a dusting yesterday, too, which was awesome.

    Very good qualifying of your statements, though.
    Yep. A glutton for punishment I am. But I just read the first page and then jumped in in a fit of WWII-inspired rage. So I skipped everything in the middle. I'm a history buff, and I like arguing about it. The politics, not so much.

    Yeah, it was awesome. Maryland is sorta in the middle of the US-- we get snow, but not a lot. Couple weeks ago we got almost two feet, which is absurd for us. And I really like snow, so it was awesome. Then it rained, and all we have left are drifts where it was plowed.

    What's a lot of snow for Estonia, I wonder? I kinda have the stereotypical American impression (blame Napoleon and Hitler) that everything in the vicinity of Russia spends their winters under a perpetual blanket of snow, but I somehow doubt that's all that accurate.
    On the other hand, .001% of Russia would be, like 70% of Albania. Or, well, Rhode Island*, anyway. *The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, not, y'know, the island called Rhodes.
    So it did actually look like Estonia? Awesome. And I'm very impressed that you managed Russia.
    Honestly? They aren't all THAT popular in the US, either. Sci-fi is more mainstream than it once was, but that doesn't mean that everyone wants to read Clarke and Asimov and Heinlein and Dick and all. Though, yeah, I can imagine how much worse it'd be in Estonia.

    And I know that feeling, a bit. But right about now it has more to do with my lack of time. School is eating me alive.
    Yeah, I thought that's what you meant, but I wasn't sure.

    No, I think I was actually talking to someone else who asked the same question. And yeah, that probably should have occurred to me. How much does it cost to get things shipped from Amazon?
    Dune... it was pretty good, but I got lost a few books into the series and just stopped reading them. I got confused and kept forgetting what was happening.

    Apocalyptic? Have we already had this conversation? Maybe that was someone else. I have to say The Postman, by David Brin. Darwin's Radio, by Greg Bear is vaguely, remotely apocalyptic and also very good. Some of Isaac Asimov's Robot series gets a little apocalyptic. Basically anything Philip K. Dick writes gets pretty apocalyptic-- Man in the High Castle, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Martian Time-Slip, lots of others...

    D'you mean the in-chronology time between the events in the books, or the time between when you read them?
    I actually only read 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas once, years ago, and I don't think I've ever read The Mysterious Island. I'm sadly less widely read in the classics than I am in, say, sci-fi. I know about more of them than I've actually read, too.

    But yeah, Island does sound good-- I've meant to read it for years.
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