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Recent content by TRA Rotid

  1. TRA Rotid


    I have a dedicated Valheim server running if anyone wants to join. I'm working to smooth out some bumps at the moment (like autoupdate) since I'm fairly new to this. I can pm you info you want (we have one and a half active players).
  2. TRA Rotid

    If Peter were around today.....

    Hey, even I don't know who that is so it's alright.
  3. TRA Rotid

    Free Games

    Kinda disappointing list overall. Couple of good ones (Cities, Tropico, Metro, Darkest Dungeon), but was expecting more expensive entries. Torchlight, for example, already was free this year on Epic.
  4. TRA Rotid

    A very merry Christmas and beyond

    Merry Christmas... oops. Had a pretty standard Christmas, family came together. We've all been in isolation and one of my sisters just got tested so we were quite safe... hopefully.
  5. TRA Rotid

    It’s been 84 years...

    Don't mind me, just flexing that join date.
  6. TRA Rotid

    Welcome to the staff

    Uh, this reads like a plot to a classic English whodunnit. I'd stock up on digitalis antidote if I were Giki-chan.
  7. TRA Rotid

    What does everybody look like?

    Hah, love it.
  8. TRA Rotid

    Fable As A 90's Platformer

    Disturbing... awesome, but disturbing.
  9. TRA Rotid

    Question for PC enthusiasts

    I just got a good deal for a used 1070. It runs all my current games decently so I'm not too quick to upgrade. Still aiming for a completely new rig by the end of the year, but I'll see about that. I'm waiting for the new cards to hit and get reviewed and tested properly before making a...
  10. TRA Rotid

    Cobra Kai

    Haven't watched it yet, but will at some point. I hear it's pretty serious in tone so I'm definitely intrigued.
  11. TRA Rotid

    What's the weird food you didn't know was weird?

    Wow, fairy bread looks not enjoyable at all.
  12. TRA Rotid


    The same wee little lass you played Viva Pinata with back in the day? Oh how the time flies. I'm seeing local young girls and boys walking around with their kids and realizing they're like 15 years older than I remember them. Then my knees start to hurt due to too hot weather.
  13. TRA Rotid

    Last Person To Reply Wins (6)

    Holy necro, Batman!
  14. TRA Rotid

    How did you find us?

    Wait... weren't we Fable Forums before the name change? I think you came back to the same site.
  15. TRA Rotid

    What's the weird food you didn't know was weird?

    Of course, there's good stuff and crap everywhere, it just feels like America is more used to eat liquid "cheese" out of a jar. But to each their own, I guess. People these days hate ketchup, but a simple butter and ketchup bread - delicious; add a slice of bologna - delicious; pickle, cheese...