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  • Hey! That's pretty sweet. I'm not a big fan of the genre, but I do really like that piece. I hope it brings you happiness!

    Soon you'll be shredding with the best of them :w00t:
    Well, it's the start of school holidays and I just got my Xbox back from Microsoft, so it's pretty much just been Xbox.

    But right now I'm watching the Grand Final between Geelong and the Saints. It's great.
    There are 18 players on the field for each team, with 22 all up (including the interchange bench).

    Was is between these guys.




    If so, then it's the Carlton Blues (the navy blue ones, and my team) and the Melbourne Demons.

    There are 16 teams in the competition, with two more coming in over the next three years. They are:

    The Western Bulldogs
    Melbourne Demons
    The North Melbourne Kangaroos
    Sydney Swans
    Brisbane Lions
    West Coast
    St Kilda
    Port Adelaide
    Gold Coast (coming in 2011)
    West Sydney (coming in 2012)
    Thanks for your concern, but we didn't get it down here in Melbourne:D. They got it really bad in Sydney, and a bit later in Brisbane.

    And AFL is great isn't it? It's way more active than NFL or Rugby. There are less stoppages so it allows the players to more easily string together handballs and/or kicks and gather more momentum. I love it. The Grand Final's on this Saturday, and it might be aired internationally, if you're interested. It's usually the best game of the year.
    There's no worries, how late do you think it will be? Any reason?

    I wont be able to make mine on time either, so it's only fair that I give consideration.
    MEMEMEME!!!!!!!! joke.

    but yeah its fun, i play the one with the big machine guns.
    You'll probably see this in your notifications anyway, but I got my next comic up.
    Well, that would bring up alot of questions, and possibly lead to a child abuse/negligence charge on the parents, but definitely not underage drinking.
    I live in Australia. The age of majority here is 18, and so is the legal booze buying age (There's no real limit to actual drinking age. If you're supervised by an adult or whatever, anything goes)
    Yeah, lol. I can finally buy my own booze/vote. They're really the only pro's of being an adult.

    Funny how people don't usually mix the two.
    Note: I'm not Tsuyu. Any, ah, subtext in that last sentence was actually inadvertent.
    Wait, our drought or me posting the comic? Either way, it's up and I eagerly await your contribution.
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