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  • I looooove that site - when I came out of hospital last year I used it to cheer myself up :D

    It's so great - I could honestly watch it all day long :lol:
    To be honest, I don't don't know all that much about the mumps except that it makes your face swell up and can be extra nasty when guys catch it because it can make us sterile (some might see that as a good thing :p)

    And as far as I can tell, the mumps is fatal is left untreated (could be wrong!)
    Sorry l2p! I'm sick at the moment with a cold (could potentially be the mumps :O)
    Both are great dont need to say much about Fable 2 as all info and opinions are here :lol:. Far Cry 2 looks gorgeous and is pretty harsh on people who dont think when going into firefights. Really needed the PC's option to be able to save anywhere and not just at designated locations. Also bullets should cause more damage to enemies than they do but thats my only minor issue with the game so far.
    I've only got Microsoft Anna and she sounds crap...I want Sam!!! You have to mess with people now - it's the law :D
    Pink is goooood...makes me seem almost feminine enough to warrant being called a girl :lol:

    Well, Steve gets more PM's than I do so it's only fair that I turn my profile into some kind of projectego.net bordello...or something....:lol:
    Don't get me started on lolcats. :p lolcats rule! :w00t: I'm much more of a dog person normally, but cats make for much better lol moments, I find. But "Motivational Pictures" have got to be my all time favourite thing to grace the interwebs.
    Hey l2p! Sorry for the late reply!! Haven't heard from you in ages - how are ya? Dark Drakan has been telling me all about your mad skills on CoD! Sounds like I better make sure you're on my team next time we play! :p
    :lol: It's only coz I don't have gold that I use here more to talk to XBL friends. Otherwise it takes FOREVER to tap out a sentence with just a silver account - you can't use the computer to do it like you can with Gold...:D
    Sorry about not replying to your XBL message - I only picked it up today! I've been avoiding this really weird bloke on there so I set myself to offline and the message didn't come through til earlier...
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