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  • Could be worse. Maryland's in the middle of a drought right now, and after a relatively mild summer (only broke 90 a few times) we've had three days of 90-degree heat and typical humidity.

    (Why do I always end up talking about the weather? Mind if I blame you for it?)

    Oh, and by the way-- I'm actually going to try to finish and post my comic this evening. I'll see how that goes.
    I can honestly say that I have no idea where or what, exactly Kent is. But it's only fair. My hometown would only mean something to you if you were a very special kind of nerd.

    That's kinda cool. Washington has always interested me. The flag is slightly terrible, but at least it's green instead of yet another blue monstrosity.
    But you can appreciate Grindcore tunes, right? Most people can't stand to hear it.
    That's so weird. Where do you live? Around here (DC metro area-- Maryland, in case you hadn't caught that by now), most schools start in the next few weeks. The latest is the 31st of August or so.
    I'd say Job For a Cowboy are more Black metal but yeah, like those. :)

    Annotations of an Autopsy
    I Killed The Prom Queen
    Parkway Drive

    Are some of my favorites.
    What strings do you have? 9's are usually best for sweeping.

    I play Grindcore metal Or Hardcore metal or Aggressive pop-punk. :)

    And this is my baby

    :lol: I didn`t know you can kill Salazar like that too - I mean without shooting the eye with another weapon first. Didn`t play the game myself.
    The best way to get your head 'round sweep picking is to practice it constantly, once you learn how to do it properly, you won't forget it easy.

    Didn't I? Well.. I'm a guitarist :)

    I have:

    Epiphone SG
    Gibson Les Paul - special edition
    Tanglewood electric acoustic

    And I ordered my new Ibanez off the net the other day for my birthday. ^_^
    Yeah.. but 3 string sweeps are really easy. :p

    And I thought I mentioned I was a guitarist before?
    Hehe.. He might just be dumb.

    Anyway, I a few of your messages on Arseface's profile earlier about sweeping shapes? I just thought i'd tell you about one I use to practice my finger movement.

    It's fairly easy.

    E ------------------11h16p11------------------------
    B -------------13----------------13-------------------
    G --------12--------------------------12--------------
    D ---13------------------------------------------------
    A ------------------------------------------------------
    E --------------------------------------------------------

    Repeat a few times and then if you move each note down a fret is sounds sinister as ****.

    Yeah, but getting on an admins nerves is way better than getting on our nerves, maybe justice will finally be served. :p

    It bugs me that he keeps going on about "being formal" and telling other people to reply to him in "a formal manner" when he's getting people frustrated or telling someone that their girlfriend looks like a dude.
    Oh christ, he isn't even polite. :lol:

    Actually, after reading some more stuff earlier, I think he's getting on Drakan's nerves.
    Trawgdor said:
    Oh god, I hate my school district. Due to snow days, we start in late August. :'(
    If you don't mind my asking, I saw your comment in the Ask the Staff thread and I wanted to ask-- how come your snow days make you start LATER in the year? I mean, most of the schools around me tack on days at the end of the year that had snow days, or I suppose they could add days at the beginning of the next year, but how would they make you start later the next year?
    Hey, someone had to tell him.

    Though, your probably right. It's just that I can't see him being banned anytime soon.
    sure, I see your on right now. lulz, some asshat wasnt satisfied with my performance (lol sounds dirty....) and sent a private message to me telling me to go back to halo. So I gave him negative rep. :lol: It was actually my cousin playing at the time and he got in at the end of the match and didnt even get to do anything.
    Iv had it for a while but I havnt played it recently. My cousin is playing on my profile right now, we are trading off if you want to play that would be great.
    Sorry, WoW has stole my soul. I have such an addictive personality. And I'll pop on for 5 minutes. I'm so tired and it's 5am here.
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