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  • I believe everything I did when I was a kid on this site as like passed over so I'm posting again! :)
    I had no idea Mrs. Blume had a big booty. And considering how old she is, I didn't want to find out.

    Glad I have you to investigate that for me.,
    Ah, sweet. I dabbled in mixing (nothing major, just a little drum and bass here and there) but nothing as serious as producing or anything. Grats ;)
    SWEET man! ya got any more? i have a friend who loves to freestyle when he's drunk, he can usually go for 8-10 minutes at a time. i'm sure he'd love this stuff just for messing around, of course.
    Oh, you know...this and that :lol: - nah, I've not been busy at all; just been so snowy here that staying in is all we can do til it clears up...

    A new album, eh? Sounds very interesting - how's it going?
    Hey Triz! How's it all going? And no, nothing big happening - Droded is doing a comic tournament...there's a thread somewhere about it...but otherwise things are just the same as they've always been - nice and chilled :D

    So what have you been up to? Seems like forever since you were last on...
    Good to have you back, we have added some new features and had a big increase in members. Have to take a look around and see whats new since you were last here.
    Welcome back! I've just got off holidays, so I've been doing alot (alot) of slacking around. Not much has happened since you lost touch, except for a few religious "discussions".

    But yeah, good to see you're still alive :lol:
    Hey DJ! Sorry for the late reply! Busy doesn't even describe it... Sounds like we both missed out on a lot of quality projectego.net time. :(

    How you doing, man?
    Haha! Didn't know it was you, Triz! My bad! :p I'm likin' the new username by the way!
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