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  • Zamamee, posted some new links, and the game is looking amazing. Hope you checked them out.:wub: They are wonderful.
    Oh yeh you like the good stuff aswell! I love Slipknot and Disturbed and also Static X ... Yeah Metallica is good.. Rolling Stones are Okay, Not one of my top bands though..
    Guy can be used as both sex phrase.. haha.. yeah i knew it was a Little someone.. What other bands do you prefer?
    Haha Oh yeh Dare Video is quite funny, With that Fat guy and his mouth.. its really weird.. Noodles the Little guy right?
    But i Liek CLint Eastwood aswell..
    Hahah Yu sent it to yourself! Haha..

    Umm Yeah i have that Album I love it! I lvoe Feel Good inc, even thought they did use to over play it. .But i still love it! ... I like Fire coming out of a Monkeys head haha aswell.. its a fun song.

    Dare is Okay, but i prefer the other ones. I like their Older music aswell.
    You joinned in 2006 and No Comments.

    Here ya go. Having a Nice talk with you! Haha

    Gorillaz is a good band! White Ligggght!
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