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Recent content by (un)Godly Hiroku

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    Chair holder glitch

    Re: Chair holder glitch i only bothered with it becuz i was stating my opnion, thats wat people do in threads like this, post their opinion ...and if you didnt wanna hear it then dont read it, dont bother with my opinion, nothing that i said was directed towards you so y the f**k did you butt...
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    Chair holder glitch

    Re: Chair holder glitch ...the whole reason i commented on this glitch was becuz i found it extremely useless as it happens on its own, meaning there is no want or need for me to know this glitch, so where you got the idea that i actually wanted to know this glitch i have no idea....
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    Chair holder glitch

    Re: Chair holder glitch if people are interested in seeing towns people holding chairs, then they really dont needa hear this glitch becuz it happens on it own alot anyways, and i dont get satisfaction from bringing people down, nor was a trying to bring this person down...i was simply...
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    Knothole question

    Re: Knothole question well 10k is sh*t money in that game, going with anything that gives you money (like the end of the game, at knothole, when you beat thag and can get paid to not release the slaves, and etc...)just means you pathetic, and cant make money (which is super easy) pretty much
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    Want a Sex Change Potion! :D

    Re: Want a Sex Change Potion! :D u can still get that stuff, its just really complicated and time consuming...
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    Fable II G.O.T.Y

    Re: Fable II G.O.T.Y oh, well then no i dont have it lol, i no alot of glitches....
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    Fable II G.O.T.Y

    Re: Fable II G.O.T.Y ive never heard of it... what does G.O.T.Y. mean?
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    Chicken in Coloseum

    Re: Chicken in Coloseum maybe your just not getting far enough...
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    Chair holder glitch

    Re: Chair holder glitch i didnt go berzerker, which doesnt even make sense, i think you mean: dont go berzerk on me ...but all the same, i was just simply stating that this is a useless glitch, which happens on its own alot anyways...
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    Selling legendary weapons

    Re: Selling legendary weapons thats correct...
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    Location of rare items

    Re: Location of rare items i think there worth looking for, i mean pretty much half of the game is treasure hunting, becuz the story mode isnt very long, and it gets boring just walking around and like killing bandits, and re-furniting houses and all...so finding rare items seems to be a big...
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    Need help again with some achievments

    Re: Need help again with some achievments for the public indecency, take off all your clothes and vulgar thrust someone for the bandit one go to brightwood by the stone stairs, kill all the bandits but one, then run around by a tree and try to get it stuck, so then iit cant attack, then use a...
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    Re: NEED THESE ITEMS!! i dont need the potion i need the pie lol or the drink for will
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    Selling Garth Doll

    Re: Selling Garth Doll well first you should make a reasonable offer if you want a reasonable offer in return, if you set your expectations as high as they are, what people have to offer for your garth doll, will certainly fall short to liking.... the rammer is the hardest, most time consuming...
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    Family Promblem?

    Re: Family Promblem? lol, i type fast, and you atleast knew what i meant, spelling like that isnt that bad athough just like you, i still point it out... and if he speaks english as a second language, he should practice it a little more lol