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Recent content by Virtus

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    Chocolate Box Help

    You have to delete _FinalAlbion.wad or just rename it to the original name removing the _.
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    New Textures (Changing texture ID)

    Im trying to add a new texture and apply it to a weapon, but without replacing,just adding a new one. I create a new weapon entry and texture entry, but how do you apply the new texture to the new weapon? I have countless hours trying to figure it out but i cant. You have to put the new texture...
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    .Big Files Help

    Hello, if I want to add a new texture to the textures.big file how do i do it? Merge? And if i merge, how do i make a .big file to merge to textures? Thanks in advance
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    Adding Augments to a Weapon

    I need help, when I change the augmentation slots of the hobbe hammer, the stick for example gets the same number of augments. Why is that?
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    Chocolate Box Help

    Whenever I try to open, I click yes on create setup environment, but then iget an error, something like "Impossible to create a file when that files already exists." Tried messing with registry path, CBocx folder location, reinstall game and nothing. The thing is that it worked before no probem...