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  • Thank you for your message. I'm glad someone mentioned something. I do ignore people who lean towards starting arguments over trolling. I only know what 'trolls' even are because of Youtube.
    "US-Coast Guard-related websites"? That's something you don't read, nor hear, everyday. Always interesting to see Sweden being mentioned "out there" since we don't make much noise. As for the "kill kids"-thread: Would've locked it a lot sooner seeing as how absurd the wish to be able to kill children is.
    Art history is actually quite interesting, so is history of culture (?... direct translation would be culture history, but it wounds weird), but usually high schools and such just teach you what they are. What really is important (and where it really gets interesting) is when they start to explain why things happened, how society reacted, what was accomplished and so forth.
    Same with everything about history, actually... knowing the dates and battles is good indeed, but later, when you realize the influence on society, all becomes much more complex and fascinating.
    Sweet - I'll check it out now :D

    Haven't read any recent Discworld for a long time...been re-reading all his older stuff like Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters. Seen Unseen Academicals advertised down town so if it's any good I might pick it up.
    Hehe, so if I have any engineering problems I will ask you (on the same note, don`t hesitate to ask if you have any artistic difficulties).
    I was, at first, a bit afraid of what an elite art school might be, but really it`s not that bad, at least now I get to see what "art" is really about and how it`s made etc etc... All those abstract modern pieces of randomness now have a meaning - no, I still don`t get them, but now I know they do mean something :lol:
    Yeah, I remember these interactions, I even thought of taking it as an example but preferred not to. Anyhow, I think I can understand Canadians... and you, Americans. (National) identity is a very important thing - and it`s one of the reasons we Estonians want to be acknowledged as a completely separate nations, we have fought for it for a long time (forgive the cheesiness, but you get my idea). I think the same can be said about Americans - you want to be acknowledged as Americans and not just a punch of European immigrants with a 400 year old history.
    Oh, and for your further information, Estonian language is related to Finnish and Hungarian (don`t ask me how, but it is), whereas Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian are "fellow" languages.
    I must apologize for the late answer; I`ve found that going to an art school is not all a walk in the park, we have a lot to do and a lot ideas to generate so...
    And Americans don`t mind if they are put on the same ground as Canada? To be honest, I don`t see any real difference (sorry, Canadians), except that a large part in Canada is French.
    What is a little disturbing is that some people don`t even know that Eastern European countries are not under Russian rule anymore... I can understand that the bigger countries don`t really need to know what is happening in a small country half way across the globe, but still. (I have no clue what`s going on in Africa too).
    Yeah. Without thinking I`d say Americans are rather unfortunate for not having the opportunity to see and experience different cultures like Europeans, but it`s not actually so.

    But I`ve got the impression (mostly from Hollywood) that to Americans, going to Europe is a big deal - maybe it`s just that it`s across the ocean. I mean, lots of young people from here want to go to America too.
    Hehe, none taken.
    Although it seems to me that in America, traveling to another state is like going to another country... language stays the same, though.
    On the other hand, Europe has so many cultures packed together that you don`t have to travel far to experience something completely different.
    But if I think about it, America is also multicultural so... go figure.
    To be honest, I know little about Latvian or Lithuanian history too, but a lot that has happened here also happened there, especially because nation-wise, we are very similar.
    Well, it`s not like we remember it each and every day. It also might be amplified by the fact that we`ve had to defend ourselves alone against much greater enemies. Also, the thing with Latvia is also a little competition - the usual "better than the neighbor thing".

    I don`t want to generalize, it might be only my point of view.
    Search "rasta" in Google images and you`ll see what I mean.

    Ehh... I think Britain-France thing might be worse. Still, Latvia and Lithuania have always got along better with each other than with Estonia. In the end, though, we are all Baltic states and stick together (which I like). Especially because of the Soviet rule... I think what we Estonians can`t forgive Latvians is their medieval alliance with the Germans during their Crusades to the east.
    Jamaica - well you know the green-yellow-red rasta hats people wear, I figured they might have Jamaica origin.
    Well, there`s always been a little friction between Estonia and Latvia. Don`t get me wrong, we get along well and it`s not that we don`t like them, but people joke about Latvia and... well, i can`t really explain it, it`s like a friendly feud or something. (although I`m not sure if feud is a too strong of a word to describe it).
    Uh, you should`ve shouted and let anyone know we have a much cooler flag than Lithuanians (unless you`re a hippie... or from Jamaica). But then again, Lithuania was a pretty bad-ass kingdom during the middle ages.
    All in all, they are pretty cool (Latvians worry me more).
    That was loooooooooooooong time ago (number of o`s unspecified). Strange you haven`t noticed, I guess our posts didn`t fall together...
    What whaat? If you`re talking about my avatar, then I haven`t changed it for a while. I`m not very active at the moment so I really haven`t updated my profile for a while too. If not, please clarify.
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