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  • I live in Malaysia but I went to school in UK for 5 years.

    I decided to just keep it simple.
    Well, I don't see myself as any of those - but maybe I am. I just try to see things as objectively as possible, through the eyes of other people if I can. I certainly don't have a high opinion of myself. Maybe thinking of myself as modest isn't modest? I dunno.
    "And oh, that's right, you like calling people lilacs. For some poorly-remembered reason."

    Umm, no, but perhaps I'll start.
    Yeah, but with that comes the ability to be able to judge oneself objectively (which again, I think I'm pretty good at). People have to realise that they're not special, and that they are just like everyone else. That everyone else is trying to make ends meet, just like themselves. Once they realise that, everyone will start to get along spectacularly.
    Coz it's not hard to overcome that. I think (and you can thank me for my modesty) that I'm a decent, fair individual who is largely free from those feelings. And let's face it, if I can do it, it can't be hard.
    Yeah, and it's a real shame that people use it moreso to justify divisive actions or mindsets. The New Testament contains some really progressive views, even now, 2000 years later, but I'm pretty sure JC's main thing was "love thy neighbour" and such.
    It was a half sarcastic remark. Christians are supposed to be loving- and his support of torture is contradictory to that.
    Ha Ha Nice!

    My High School colors were black and gold too. I think of them and the good and evil side mixed with rich and poor side. Makes it seem more Fabley even if that wasn't your original intent.
    Oh, no, we usually start in September, but now we start on the 30th or 29th of August.
    Last year we started around September 7th or so.
    Oh and by the way, Lenin didn't make the decision to kill the sailors and it's highly likely that he wouldn't have. Someone in the heirarchy made the decision wrongly for him.
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