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  • Y'need to study more into something before you argue about it. And wikipedia isn't always right, you should know that if you work for a library. I'm going to stop making points now and just ask you to go learn about communism in your library and what it means, and while doing so learn about why and how Stalin kept power. Then you can make your own conclusion.
    If you study Leninism you'll find that the Kronstadt sailors had their own soviet which was working perfectly well. They were a perfect example of what can be accomplished with communism. Their downfall was that they were attacked and killed by whitests.

    Had to post twice cause I ran out of space.
    You're basically saying exactly what I said but in a more aggressive way to back up your points, I know that communism isn't what it should be and that it failed in history. That's what I've been saying, although communism as an ideal and an idea is the perfect way to live. Of course that is my opinion.

    Communism by definition cant lead to starvation. It's failed attempts at communism that cause it, such as Stalin and, to an extent, Lenin's reigns. Communism would have it that everyday essentials that are the bare minimum to live on is given to each household e.g bread, milk etc.

    And for your point on dictatorship, every council needs a spokesperson. Some spokespersons are very gifted and can see the bigger picture (Lenin) and so took power-role for the good of communism. Others like Stalin took it for their own welfare, turning communism on its head and reverting pretty much to the Tsarist ways rather than the long-fought for equality that Lenin had promoted.
    The idea of communism is to share the wealth and use a commune instead of a dictatorship. Stalin was a dictator and he starved people. 'Nuff said. I'm taking GCSE history and I have learnt about Leninism, Stalinism and Communism in general so I know what I'm talking about, although I haven't studied it in a while so I can't put it into words. My apologies.
    What Stalin did did not agree with the definition of communism. That's why his era was called Stalinism, this was the same for Lenin (Leninism) which was an extension from Marxism. I know what Stalin thought he was doing was communist but hindsight is an advantage in showing that it didn't coincide with the ideals of communism.
    The idea of communism didn't coincide with Stalin's regime. Stalin killed a lot of people and tricked Trotsky, ending up with his murder while he was in exile. Stalin didn't fulfil communism's ideals.

    Nothing is perfect, like I said, when its the responsibility of people to carry said thing out because humans are far from being perfect.
    True but I don't see it as an argument because the case cant be argued. Communism is the perfect idea, you cant dispute that. It's just when it gets into human hands that the idea is abused. Like Stalin, he abused the idea of communism and used it to his advantage. Because it can go so violently wrong, democracy is the easiest to do.

    No political system is perfect when its ruled by peoples judgement, just there is a best of the worst if that makes sense.
    Hm it would have to be a short competition with no extensions and a deadly serious host.

    Two out of three there. You think anyone else would join this time?
    Happy Birthday Walker! I would've made a thread but that doesn't seem to be the done thing these days.
    so'kay, tha nutmeg is there because Grenada is the second largest country in tha world that produces nutmeg, after Indonesia I think...lol
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