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  • Or maybe I'm actually telling the truth, only to make you doubt and go insane over all your conspiracy theories?

    Naw, there was a fair deal of it. Underage girls and old geezers. You know, the things that makes you go "Alright, I'm all for porn, but who the fudge is into that sort of stuff?!"
    I would never vacation anywhere north. Everytime my mother is all "We should go to vermont!" I am like no...
    I want to live in North Carolina.
    I absolutely love it there.
    Hoorah a stalker=p

    I have a friend who used to live in PG county. She moved here though.
    I want to live by a beach. But not like a boardwalky beach like Ocean City.
    I like being warm, rather than freezing.
    And winter is coming. ergh.
    It is kind of boring here.
    So that is why. =p
    Where in maryland do you live?
    I live in Frederick.
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