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  • No, I didn't say that. You're getting turned on by me. You should've kept that private, between us, you know.
    'Allo chap,

    Ninja squirrels, you say? Good grief! You've come to the right place. Can't say I've had much dealings with squirrels of the ninja variety, but I do likes me a challenge!

    Pray tell, might there be a reward? The enjoyment of squirrel-stamping aside, I still need to pay the bills!
    The Asian woman? You mean me? Shame upon you for saying that in public!
    No, we don't eat like the average human. Instead, we digest HUMAN FLESH. Yeah, you heard it right.

    I wouldn't say worse than the desert. You know, better off being with water, than without.

    And you're very much welcome!
    Lies and slander I tell you! True Scotsmen won't even bother visiting the cuisine! The kilts, I cannot deny, though.

    And I figured walking was your area of specialization, Walker. Who wouldn't know!? And yes, I am well-aware of how gigantic the ocean is. But you know, I do have special powers, just like that... Superman or whatever his name is. Oh, and Peter Molyneux.
    Well, partially true. I don't like dogs, and I do like cats. But this is art, and Scotsmen know what art is!

    Also, no not swimming. Water-walking instead.
    I'm not Welsh! Nor am I Irish! I'm a true Scotsman. You can't beat that, and I know my way around those damned fees over at Maryland.
    You're very much welcome, sir. Do keep in mind that I do have the tools necessary to stalk you in your daily life.
    Option B is more likely. However, to be precise: a sexy, bisexual, hypersexual, awesome not-so-straight man.
    That's not just an Asian woman. She is Mai Yoshida. Absolutely adorable! And that dog is simply pure art.
    D'awwww. :wub:

    Yay. And no, I didn't. I was kind of tired of my old alias and always loved Asian-styled names. Talked to Gik/Scotty on MSN for quite some time and he helped me thinking of a good name.
    I think it was brilliant.
    Anyway, you haven't missed a thing, the movie is a pile of turd. There were only two things good about it: the sandworms and Alia.
    But the books are awesome, I only have one to go. People might be put off after reading through the first three, but they actually get better after that. If I had to put the series in order, it would be like this:

    So if you stopped because you felt the series was loosing it's touch, then I can recommend reading further.
    I'm glad you remember that name of mine! How have you been?

    Gotta say I'm loving the new avatar.
    We also have a lower population than you, partucularly in the Northern Territory, where these man eating crocodiles live.


    For all I know, the world revolves around me.

    According to the handout I read, chess is. But it didn't go over the other examples.
    Going purely by statistics, our crocs are infinitely more aggressive than yours. 0 human deaths per year in the US, compared with two or so in Australia.

    But how can you claim to like or dislike something you've never experienced? It is fraudulent to do so.

    Unlike the rest of this argument?

    I was taught that a competetive human activity is sport. Maybe food is human activity, flora is sport, fauna is everything else, like science and recreation. Fruits can be bat and ball games, vegetables can be ball in goal sports like football or lacrosse.
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