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Recent content by WesGreenMcQueen

  1. WesGreenMcQueen

    The Whisper of Fire

    YYeeeeessssss I will ping you a message!
  2. WesGreenMcQueen

    The reason why Fable 2 is the best game ever.

    You are probably wondering why Fable 2 is the best game ever. Well, let me fill you in with 10 top reasons. 1) For anyone who is a Fan of Discworld you will be very familiar with Ankh Morpork. When I read my beloved Discworld books it is clear that the LH developers were fans of sir Terry's...
  3. WesGreenMcQueen

    The Whisper of Fire

    Hello there (in an Obi-wan Kenobi Voice) I wrote and published my first novel "The Spirit of Things" earlier this year. It's a YA coming of age fantasy that has many fable-esque elements to it. (I started off writing fable fan fiction before developing my own world) ANNNNYWAY. The second book...
  4. WesGreenMcQueen

    Fable 4 Key Developers

    I'm gonna pop Marv a fb message. "Now then mate, Can I write some narrative for yah mate. IM DED DED GOOD ME"
  5. WesGreenMcQueen

    Any features you would like to return in Playground Studios' Fable from the old games?

    Musts Dog Epic music Bowerstone or at least some locations from previous games A growing up dynamic again from childhood to old age Some fawlty tower-esque humour. Dark parts that are left to interpretation Solid story Amazing British voice casting. Real consequences for decisions made...
  6. WesGreenMcQueen


    Class! I don't think I could go back to Fanfiction now that I write my books in my own universe. I'm half tempted to email playground and see if they would let me work on the narrative team for free. ahaha.
  7. WesGreenMcQueen


    I probably was "The One" TBH. aha It was known yes. Yes! the very ones. Was shown around by Lauran Carter and met all the community managers and some of the key devs. Was a great day Yeah LH deemed me worthy aha Thanks lovely welcome. Thanks, mate, the only problem is I will always be the new...
  8. WesGreenMcQueen


    Hello there, Just had a look through some of the posts in this forum. I can't believe this is the first time I have discovered this place. Back in the LH hayday I used to be an oracle on their forums. 'Oracle' was a title given to those of us who were particularly obsessed with the games and...