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Recent content by xxNick

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    Windows 8 and TLC

    Man, with Win8 I'm not even sure, in terms of carrying over old profiles. I am certain you can just copy it over without incident, but the problem I would have is that I would not know where to stick the saves. Whatever the equivalent of Win8's My Documents is, it will go in there, under My...
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    What would your game be?

    This post is only somewhat related to a hypothetical Fable IV or Fable in general. The relation is that I am going to talk about what kind of game I would absolutely love to spend roughly a thousand hours playing before getting tired of it the first time, and how none of the Fable games are even...
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    I'll go with you. I already said somewhere something to the extent of thumping their writers on the skull depending on how awful they do with the stories. Such a scenario would be awful enough to warrant skull thumping. Though in picturing the scenario I can't help but imagine Lionhead Studios...
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    Importance of lore.

    It's the first time I've been this connected to a franchise, and seeing the vast changes in story and setting and wildly changing lore and conflicting canon isn't really giving me a place to plant my feet. And every explanation of every new element and feature just makes it worse. But at least...
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    Importance of lore.

    I'm curious about how people in this community feel. How well would you guys receive things that may (or may not, depending on how you look at it) break from the story, lore, continuity of the Fable universe? Would it be okay if Fable Legends featured mechasuits and teslaspheres and guns and...
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    bye guys of fable

    The Fable end of these forums are kind of inactive. Not too many fans these days, sadly. Take care and stuff, hope to see you around. :)
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    Heya. You know if the modding site is down for good or if this is just an intermittent hiccup?

    Heya. You know if the modding site is down for good or if this is just an intermittent hiccup?
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    Anyone know how to Hex Edit?

    International multi-billion dollar corporations are pretty keen on detecting when people are stealing from them, especially in regards to technology that they themselves developed. Weird how they are like that.
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    Anyone know how to Hex Edit?

    It's probably just a flag or two in the save. And given how carefree/possibly inept they've been in past years I assume it would be clearly labeled and easy to identify booleans that need flipping. Still. Wouldn't recommend it and would highly advise against it. They be banning folks for that...
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    Looking for software.

    [SOLVED] I needed a tool that could search across multiple files for a hex string and output matches to a text file. Solution: Grep. Many thanks to Keshire for helping me with that. :)
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    First enemy Redcaps revealed

    Lionhead catches a LOT of heat for that. I've described it before as a ritualistic part of the Fable game purchasing experience to be disappointed almost immediately upon playing. But it's certainly not exclusive to Lionhead. Zenimax is catching hell right now over ESO, and not too long ago From...
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    First enemy Redcaps revealed

    The short answer is a lot, but I'm not talking about unused/removed/unfinished content. I'm talking about things that were made specifically for a showing at E3. Cutscenes and test scripts showing off the hero's morphing, sword in the stone, punch club, various other things. Special animations...
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    First enemy Redcaps revealed

    Redcaps have been around since the announcement trailer eight months ago. Probably not as developed as they are today. They probably had some concept stuff going on for the promotions, nothing new, TLC is littered with content that was used solely for E3. Still I'm surprised we haven't seen...
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    Writing your first forum post - A guide

    I never thought of that and it's a good point. There are countless people who are actively learning English or other languages to communicate with people who speak, read and write those languages. I can only imagine how shocked and maybe even disappointed they must be when they encounter people...
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    Writing your first forum post - A guide

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Let me start off with, no, not really. I'm not writing a guide. It would assume the target audience is literate and I have not yet seen evidence that conclusively proves this is true. The actual case here is that this is a rant. I am ranting. There is a...