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Recent content by Zjuggernaut

  1. Zjuggernaut

    Working while Travelling

    Thanks Drakan. Didn't come across that searching. @Rotid: Yeah sounds like the best option for me. I'll just have to get used to saving. Thanks for your ideas.
  2. Zjuggernaut

    Working while Travelling

    I've been saving up money for some time now to travel abroad. I haven't planned too far ahead in terms of routes and ideas but I know it'll be around Asia as it's always a place I've wanted to visit. Probably parts of Indonesia too. One thing I tried to find on the internet but can't is about...
  3. Zjuggernaut

    The New Layout

    I've been missing a while so it seems I am late to the party but the new layout is looking swanky.
  4. Zjuggernaut

    Whats Rocked And Sucked?

    Rocked Caved in again and got Call of Duty as it is a yearly thing. The old man is visiting this weekend, haven't seen him in around 4 months so it's always nice. Sucked Got Call of Duty: Ghosts. So many things wrong with it but it feels so right. Maps are too big for current gen 6 v 6...
  5. Zjuggernaut

    What does everybody look like?

    Halloween night out. I am Luigi by the way.
  6. Zjuggernaut

    Fancy Dress Problems

    No history or tradition? I'm going out dressed as one of the most famous duos in gaming and getting so drunk I wake up on the beach with a kid poking me with a stick. And yes Hobbe I will post pictures don't you worry.
  7. Zjuggernaut

    Fancy Dress Problems

    Well my short fat friend is going as Mario so I felt it was absolutely necessary I went as Luigi.
  8. Zjuggernaut

    Fancy Dress Problems

    I'm looking online for something to wear for Halloween the only problem I'm having is finding an outfit that matches my height. Most costumes I look at range up to 5 ft 10 or a 33 inch leg whereas I'm nearly 6 ft 3 and have a 34 - 36 inch leg. I don't have too much of a problem if I have to...
  9. Zjuggernaut

    You know what I hate?

  10. Zjuggernaut

    You know what I hate?

    Hipsters. WHAT'S IN THAT BACKPACK THAT'S SO IMPORTANT HUH!? You're either still young or live in a nicer area than I do. That attitude gets you involved in a very long confrontation that tends to end with stitches.
  11. Zjuggernaut

    I'm Back!

    I'm most certainly calling you Tia Maria. But hey there!
  12. Zjuggernaut

    Playstation 4 Owns Xbox One

    Pretty sure the Xbox One's "poor" features were used as a marketing tool to get attention from everyone. Still getting a PS4 though. The only thing Xbox had for me was the exclusive games. The likes of Halo, Fable, GoW, etc. Fable and Halo have gotten much worse and GoW doesn't interest me and...
  13. Zjuggernaut

    Favourite 'Broken' Game

    I think any RPG made by Bethesday can be in this list.. The bugs and glitches always add to the fun.