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early access

  1. Dark Drakan

    V Rising

    Came across a game this morning that has gotten people talking and it is being described as vampiric Valheim by RockPaperShotgun. It is an early access, open world survival game (like countless before it). However after the success of Valheim it seems that so far this is being well recieved by...
  2. Dark Drakan


    I saw this game crop up randomly when searching and thought it looked interesting from the trailer. I saw the terms 'Early Access' and 'Survival' and red flags popped up with how many of them there are (most are rubbish). The GFX are nothing to write home about and are pretty basic but the...
  3. Dark Drakan

    Squad leaves early access after 6 years

    The Large-scale tactical first-person shooter Squad has officially left early access after 6 years in development. It was developed by the team behind the popular Battlefield 2 mod 'Project Reality' and has huge maps fit for up to 100 players, vehicles and player-constructed bases & has...
  4. Dark Drakan


    Developed by a tiny team of ex-Lionhead developers who worked on the Fable series for over a decade. Kynseed is one of the baby phoenix chicks born from Lionhead's ashes and it all started with a humble Kickstarter, which has since accrued over 10,000 backers (and...
  5. Dark Drakan

    Fable Fortune

    We dont have a section for this (yet) but will move it there when we have finalised the layout & @Steve Powell has finished his new design. However here is 17mins of footage from Fable Fortune... EDIT* Made Fable Fortune section and moved thread.